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Clane Matthew Is Gliding Across Our Senses Once Again With Track "Season Of Love"

Clane Matthew is diverse. Clane Matthew is eccentric. Clane Matthew has reached an equilibrium with his tracks that we don't see enough of lately. Smashing into the indie hip/hop music scene, Clane contributes meaningful and quality music to the genre itself. We even feel as if Clane expands more on the genre, adding in music that has an exclusive sound. Clane melts his charisma into his tracks, and releases them in hopes to inspire listeners with his integrated messages. We feel at peace when listening to the sound of Clane's voice, and we knew we would feel nothing less once listening to his most recent track. 

Clane Matthew released his latest track "Season Of Love", and you can really feel the authenticity while listening along. We love featuring Clane's music on our platform--his music reminds us of the more raw side of the hip/hop music scene right now. Clane sings with passion, we can experience the passion when hearing the emotion pour off of him while he's rapping his verses. "Season Of Love" speaks a lot on todays generation, and how captivated people are with social media. Clane incorporates impactful meaning into all of his tracks, and we really resonate with the message he's trying to reach to his listeners. Clane Matthew definitely didn't disappoint with "Season Of Love" (he rarely ever disappoints with his music) and it's safe to say we've all added it to our personal playlists. 

Check out "Season Of Love" here, and continue reading to get to know Clane Matthew in his interview below!


Hey Clane! Welcome back again to BuzzMusic! We love hearing the songs you've been coming out with recently! Tell our readers more about what unique elements you're bringing with your new set of songs?

Truth. Positivity. Awareness. Those are the elements I’m bringing back to the industry. The sounds of hip hop and mainstream music nowadays have been so saturated with the same sounds and same ridiculous ideas that it doesn’t even help the listeners. It’s about drugs, girls, alcohol, fast cars, money and all that stuff. So far I’ve barely seen any songs or any artists stepping up to make a change in these young people’s lives through their art; so it’s up to me to make that change.

"Season Of Love" was stimulating to our senses. We loved the set tranquil tone of the track. Can you expand more on how the production was of this track, and what kind of mood you were trying to set with it?

The production was simple. I didn’t want a song that had an exaggerated production or arrangement. I wanted something that even a 10 year old could listen to and understand, but also something a 40 year old could listen to and be changed by it. I tried my best to experiment on the flow in both verses, so I could offer something fresh and new to my fans.  When I first sat down to make the instrumental, I wanted something groovy, that you can bop your head to and also something smooth and romantic, and that’s where the idea of the synth, steel drums, guitar and strings came together to make that sound. I wanted simple vocals, nothing too complex because it takes away from the message of the song. I have a coworker, her name is Nicole, and she’s an amazing singer. I asked her to sing on the track and she was happy to. Our voices instantly synced and I knew that this was gonna be a hit! When it came down to the mix, I had some help. I had one of my closest friends Delamar Hamilton back home in St. Thomas, Jamaica help me out with the mix. He made everything sound smooth and harmonic, and it was awesome. The idea of decreasing the song at the end by a couple of semitones and slowing the tempo down came to me at the last minute. I wanted to add something new that my fans have never heard from me before, so I added that also; and it sounded amazing. With this song I just wanted to be different and give a message that I think every girl/woman should hear. 

In your opinion, which was the most impactful lyric of "Season Of Love"?

“You wanna be thinner, you wanna be thicker, you wanna be lighter, but it don’t matter cause being different is what makes you so damn beautiful”. If I wasn’t a big fan of the song, that line alone would change my opinion, because it doesn’t get much truer than that. So many women and girls in this world feel that because they’re  not “thick” or because they’re not “thin” or because they’re too “dark”, automatically deem themselves as lesser and unattractive; and it’s not true. Being who you are, and living up to your own characteristics and features is the true meaning behind beauty. Television, society and media has created a standard in which women should comply to, in order to be seen as “beautiful”. This line says differently because no matter how you look, or what your features are, you will always be beautiful to me, and also beautiful to that true someone who has not found you yet. 

Would you personally say that your music is a huge reflection of your personal life?

Yes it is! Throughout my years I’ve seen and experienced many things. Many of the songs talk about my own experiences, such as the Melancholic Therapy EP, and the others about things I’ve seen happen to relatives and close friends. These issues are things that are inevitable in our society and the ones who suffer through it don’t get much attention. And that’s why I bring those issues to light in my music, and hope that others who feel the same pain or same struggles will relate to it and be healed by the words and message. 

What do you think you'll be up to next? Planning on releasing more music in the near future? Any tours coming up?

I’m actually gonna be on a three week vacation in August. I’ll be back home in Jamaica so I can rest my vocal chords! I’m kidding but I’ll just be visiting my family and friends I left back home and also enjoy the wonders of the island that I never got to experience. I definitely will have new music coming out. I wanted to drop the Season of Love EP at the end of this month, but this song I released from it has gotten so much buzz, I think I’m gonna have to delay it. Hopefully by the end of August I can drop it and then at the end of September I’ll drop the I’m Not A Rapper EP, which will be the nail in the coffin for my year long campaign. I’m actually not going on any tours at the moment. I’m actually using all the time I can to perfect my art before I go out into the touring world. I will be holding a Feed the Homeless campaign in downtown Orlando the week before thanksgiving, to give warm meals to the homeless. After that, I’ll be taking a three month break to focus on starting school again in the spring semester and then, I will start working on an album and start touring. It has been a great year and I just know 2020 will be amazing! 


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