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Clane Matthews Releases the Smooth-Sailing Vibe “Honor”

Clane Matthews released his single titled “Honor” and this record was a spotless hit that we most definitely appreciate. “Honor” had a strong lyrical presence that was as authentic as it was raw. In this record, Clane Matthews touches on a variety of different subjects and topics fused in one single. The production and arrangement of this beat weren’t dramatic or even equipped with a huge bass or anything. Instead, ”Honor” had this more melodic instrumentation that served as a foundation for the record smooth-sailing vibe. The entire aesthetic of the song was more subdued and peaceful that people can jam out and relax too.

“Honor” had a well-executed delivery thanks to Clane Matthew’s solid rap performance. You can tell Clane Matthews spent time perfecting his cadence, tempo, and all-around aggression, keeping the dynamics fluctuating at the perfect moments in the song that will leave you undeniably impressed. “Honor” gave me a nice J.Cole element and as a personal fan of J.Cole, that is a huge compliment to Clane Matthews. However, the song still remains as an individual, compared to other records. The authenticity, the smooth-sailing vibe, and the raw lyricism make “Honor” an ethereal rap record that will cause a great buzz for Clane Matthews.

Listen to "Honor" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Clane Matthew! Who are some of your musical inspirations and in what ways do they inspire you?

My main inspirations as an artist are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Childish Gambino. Although I was listening to the likes of Eminem and Jay Z back home in Jamaica, when I first came to the US and went into 6th grade and 7th grade, I was introduced to these three. Their flows and messages were unmatched and impeccable, especially Kendrick’s. I listened to him almost every day because of the way he rapped and what he rapped about spoke to me. All there artists inspired me to become an artist and share my experiences and life lessons with the world. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the creation process of your record “Honor”?

The biggest challenge I faced during the creation process was controlling my excitement. I wanted to release the song so bad and I couldn't wait to do it! At the same time, I wanted the song to be something my fans and the world has never heard from me before; I even wanted to surprise myself. I usually get recognition for my flow, message, and lyricism but I wanted something more; I wanted the song to reach a realm that I myself would also have to experience for the first time. With that in mind, I put off the recording for 4 months. Every day I experimented with the flow, wordplay, lyricism, mood, and tone of the song. I finally got a finished product over a week and a half ago, and then I was ready to record. I wanted the beat to also be different than the rest, which is why I limited the number of instruments and made the instruments I used diverse and worldly, for example, the Chinese violin that carried the harmony of the song. After I finished the song and listened back, I realized I have reached a new level in my career artistically. I know I said that 'I'm Not A Rapper" was the best project I ever did, but I'd like to retract that statement and say that "Honor" is, in fact, my best work yet. 

How would you describe the lyricism in “Honor”? The song seemed to be highly substantial with great meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyricism isn't anything my fans or the world have seen before from me. As I stated before I've been working on this song for 4 months so I wanted it to be different than what the public was expecting. With the lyricism, the meaning behind each stanza and line represents different things. The song talks about how today's artists tend to lose themselves to chase a persona that they think will be more appealing and accepted by the public, while in turn losing their own self-identity. The song starts with the line "viewer discretion is advised" meaning that whatever is about to be said in the song might hurt someone but its the cold hard truth. After that, I start taking apart the fake things that these artists do for the public, and show them that there are people out there who know that's not their real personality. The song then turns into a teaching moment as soon as I say "It's hard to be a conscious rapper". I then begin to talk about how it's hard to be different when everyone is expecting the same outcome; that it can deter you from doing what you truly want, and even through that I was still willing to provide quality and meaningful music for the ones who need it. I then start to name off my accomplishments and how I overcame the negativity by never quitting, while still sticking to what I believe in. Then I end the song stating how I didn't lose myself for anybody's happiness and stuck to my plan and asking those artists "where's the honor?" as in their self-honor for who they are. 

We noticed the production in “Honor” was more melodic and relaxed, what elements did you experiment with during the arrangement of “Honor”?

I wanted the production to be different. The lyrics and vocals were meant to be the main instrument of the whole song, with the beat assisting with the tone and mood. I envisioned for the beat to be relaxed and harmonic while giving way for hard, gritty content. I also wanted to add different instruments that people have never head before. I used a Chinese violin for the harmony and a Celtic harp for the melody. It gave the instrumental a new sound that consists of modern hip hop themes with a hint of ancient world themes. 

What’s next for you Clane Matthew? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Come 2020, I will be going to London in March to work with a couple of producers and engineers, and to also market myself to the Grime community. I am also going on my first ever World Tour in Lagos, Nigeria in June 2020. I am truly excited and a bit nervous. I've been dreaming my entire life for a moment like this, and it is finally happening. I am truly honored and I appreciate each and every person who has supported me from the beginning to now.


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