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Clap Those "Cheeks" with Juice-Z's Sizzling Single

From Lousiana to Pomona, the Cali legend in the making songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Juice-Z takes us to the club with a heated bop entitled "Cheeks."

Having turned her trauma and negativity into power, strength, and encouragement, Juice-Z began pouring her soul into her music as a young adult. Juice-Z is also incredibly proud to create and become a prominent record label that welcomes new LGBTQI+ artists to feel safe and express themselves freely.

It's wildly difficult to ignore the tenacity and power of a young artist like Juice-Z, primarily through singles like "Cheeks." With the utmost catchy bars and blistering sonic arrangements that take us back to those sweaty dancefloors, Juice-Z is not only making her mark on the independent industry but dominating it as well.

Taking a listen to "Cheeks," the track opens with a hauntingly groovy bass-like synth paired with tight snares and hi-hats. As Juice-Z makes her assertive vocal entrance, she instantly puts a smile on our faces with a quick intro that reminds listeners to hesitate when not only trusting a pretty smile but some cheeks as well. Getting straight into the catchy and bouncy hook, we can't help but get down to the beat and bass of this powerhouse single.

We're head over heels for Juice-Z's powerful, charismatic, and modern approach to hip-hop, as this track brings us back to those heated dancefloors that we miss dearly. The production on this track is honestly superb, as it not only complements Juice-Z's rhythmic vocal delivery but it gets us practicing our twerking skills for future nights out.

Get down and dirty with Juice-Z's banger of a single, "Cheeks," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Juice-Z. We love the upbeat and sweltering vibe of your latest single, "Cheeks." What inspired you to create a song perfect for those heated club nights? -

Once I heard the instrumental "Cheeks" I knew that I would make a club banger after my head kept uncontrollably bobbing. I came up with the chorus randomly by locking myself in my room with the instrumental playing on a loop through the app Tully. I have always wanted to make a song that resulted in twerking, and "Cheeks" happens to fulfill that desire.

Who handled the production for your recent hit, "Cheeks?" How did you create the sonics to be so engaging and dominant?

The production was handled by PavenMelody and the sound engineering was done by Emmanuel El-Helou. After listening to "Cheeks", I realized at that very moment, the crickets and bass were the heart of the song. We made changes of increasing the volume of the crickets and adjusting the bass, at that very moment a masterpiece was born.

Do you usually create such exciting, playful, and anthemic tracks like "Cheeks"? Is this a staple for your brand?

I like to experiment with sound and varying genres. Although R&B and Hip Hop are my favorites. I had so much fun making cheeks and look forward to making more fun tracks like it. It's absolutely a staple for my brand, but I'm also a highly adaptable artist that's able to create content in any genre. I'd like to consider myself limitless.

Since you have five released singles under your belt, do you have any plans to create an EP or album in the near future?

Absolutely, I am currently working on my EP, which will be an open letter of my past experiences that contributed to my growth. After my EP is released of course I am going to bless my fans with an album, it's only right!

What's next for you?

Currently, I have some exciting events coming up that I will be announcing on social media as well as my podcast website: I have visuals coming soon for Marathon( Run It Up), Come Thru, Cheeks, and many more to come. I'm currently building my brand and aim to launch my record label Juice-Z Entertainment, an inclusive label that specifically promotes LGBTQI+ artists, but will not exclude anyone who does not identify with the community. I will also be performing and touring shortly, so please stay tuned.


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