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Claudio Ferrone Drops Energizing New Release, “Groove EP”

The much anticipated “Groove EP” by Claudio Ferrone is a ground-breaking new release for today’s House/Techno scene. The fusion of sounds and effortless blending of styles is sure to have you dancing away. Claudio is an Italian/Canadian DJ/Producer, he strives to blend different genres of house/techno into one explosive sound. Through his charming and flirtatious energy, Claudio Ferrone keeps his audiences and dedicating fans connected and entranced by his sound. With over 20 years experience, Claudio can move a crowd with ease. He’s a classically trained pianist and jazz trumpet player with a playlist that fluently mixes house and techno sounds to bring audiences of both genres together.

“In The Groove” is a hard hitting and spectacular start the to EP, “Groove EP”. Deliberate synths and underground bass throughout “In The Groove” will have you non-stop dancing. The fusion of styles is undeniable but seamlessly produced. The subtle retro keys that appear every few bars keep you entranced and waiting for more. At only 2 minutes, “In The Groove” has you addicted and is the perfect intro into the next track.

Believe it or not, “You Know” has an even higher energy vibe! This track makes you wait a little longer for the drop but when it hits you, you’re blown away. Comprised of more high hats and deeper tones, “You Know” takes you through a journey of house/techno music. Paired with the unique narration that talks about the importance of feeling what you create as an artist. “It can make people fall in love and it can make people cry, it’s true emotion” says the narrator describing music. Claudio has the unique ability to fuse meaningful narration with danceable beats.

The transition into the next track on the “Groove EP” is flawless. “Give Me” has a more tribal tone to it. Featuring background sound arrangements of drums and less synths, “Give Me” is a  more down to earth track to sum up the entire EP. You can really hear the well thought out precision and passion through Claudio’s sound. The fusion of his Italian roots with a more modern flare is exactly the energy and confidence that is needed in the house/techno scene today.

Overall this explosive new release titled “Groove EP” will have Claudio Ferrone climbing further to the top. He expertly spins danceable tracks to party to, to vibe to, to get along to. With so much knowledge, experience and success already, we can’t wait to see what Claudio delivers next. Stay on the lookout for this brilliant DJ/producer.

Listen to “Groove EP” here and connect with Claudio Ferrone on social media below!


Connect with Claudio Ferrone on social media

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