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Claudio Parrone Showcases Originality With His Hit Debut Album “A Boy From Somewhere"

Claudio Parrone, an LA-based artist with a Midwestern background, released two EP’s and a handful of singles over the previous two years. He’s premiered his debut album titled “A Boy From Somewhere” which includes 12 songs with a handful of sound variations. Claudio aims to change the landscape of Pop music by incorporating multiple genres into his conceptualized albums, all the while telling a story that spans each of the 12 songs. With influences from The Temptations, to The Beatles, to Frank Sinatra, Claudio wraps up his storytelling background with a new age musicality, while still managing to pay homage to the artists that inspire his material.

“A Boy From Somewhere” begins with its opening record, “Saving”. The introduction to “Saving” felt like an intro to a film and with a theatrical initiation accompanied by the sound fx of rain. Subsequently, the funky bass transitions in with an electric outline on the acoustics from the guitar. Claudio begins singing with his full-toned vocal resonance and dynamically chilled delivery. “Saving” was a nice opener to what’s to come from Claudio Parrone this album. My favorite part in this single was around 2:35 when the whole pace of the record transitions into a staccato and fast-paced tempo, showcasing a soulful display. Once you think you’ve heard it all, "Saving" moves into an electric rock delivery before moving into the next genre of Gospel soul with upbeat energy. An all-around dope introduction.

The next song that showed off Claudio's vulnerability is ext is “Used To It”. With sensitive lyricism that hinted the themes of heartbreak and melancholy, Claudio sings in a soft texture while stripping away the artist and showcasing the human to connect with his listener. A rare display of artistry. Claudio is full of surprises. Once you think you heard everything in Used to it, here comes a soulful wind instrument creating a more romantically sensual vibe to the song. His passion is vibrant in “Used To It” and we loved every part of it! After used to it, comes the next record “Summer Time” that began with a calming sound fx of the ocean waves and a mellow piano introduction. Claudio sings with a whispery vocal tone covering the resonance of his vocals and the tone is just beautiful. “Summer Time” plays with the listener senses of imagery and mental creativity. “Summer Time” was completely different than “Used To It” and “Saving”, which gave me the impression that I have no clue what’s next in this groundbreaking album.

The next single, “Mystery” really brought joy into my mood. The chemistry I felt from the song had me singing along to the infectious melody . just like your favorite Christmas music, you’re instantly contained with happiness by listening. Claudio vocals are highly mesmerizing with a warm vocal tone that shifts between multiple registers. Next up off the album is “A Letter to Life”, which was completely different from any other song on this album. It brought more dark energy onto the project which means it warrants its place on the album perfectly. Expect the unexpected with Claudio. “A Letter To Life” begins with dark lush productions and a foggy atmosphere while the listener listens to Claudio poetically delivers his feelings and thoughts in not a vocal tone but in a muffled recording like sound. The augmented dramatics to this record was just groundbreaking. He ends it with what sounds like “Run Away”, possibly hinting the next song track-listed on this album. “Run Away” was a passionate offering from Claudio with saturated elements possessed in the vocal delivery of Claudio. “Run Away” has nothing but absorbing components to the record and showcases Claudio’s special voice. The next record, “Show Me (LightHouse)” felt like a Sunday morning jam. With a hint of Gospel highlighting around the beginning of “Show Me” Claudio delivers yet another side to his vocal quality. The skilled vocalist projects a sense of soul that serves well for a record like this. The light-hearted energy and engrossing soulful vocals from Claudio take this song into a different dimension for the album. The next song on this album, “Young Hearts” begins with a guitar introduction and a smooth-sailing “oohs” from backup singers, supporting the memorable vocals of Claudio that we just can’t get enough of! It’s like he takes his voice into a new plethoric every time. Each record sounding different from the previous, Claudio gains his respect as an artist who could translate well across multiple different listeners of music.

“25 In LA” was a more reflective record in which Claudio begins remembering the loved one between him and moments. Claudio Parrone shocks me every record. His voice is just so addicting. You find yourself wanting more and not knowing what to expect. His ability to transition the melodies for each record is truly what has me shook! “Years go by, Seasons change, before you know it you’re 25” I loved the infectious lyrics alongside the melody because it had me singing alongside while typing this. Claudio released the dream-like record on this album “Fair Warning”. Something highly special about “Fair Warning” was the classic RnB vibes it gave. This sounded like a record my father would play in his car where he cruises around and says “what you know about this?”. It’s that noteworthy soul and passion Claudio has alongside the sensual hook. The next song, “This Is Not A Song” had us highly anticipating what’s next. With the introduction setting a completely different tone. If you closed your eyes and listened to the record, you were able to place yourself in the environment Claudio created for his listener. With a witty song titling, “This Is Not A Song”. It has jazz and blues elements with a live projection and no vocal tone but instead, a rhythmic notion. The closing record “Saved” felt like the follow-up to the beginning of the project.” and for that reason, I interpreted that Claudio Parrone told a story that was unique to what his personal feelings were. The emotionally driven lyrics actually gave themes of motivation and inspiration. “Pick yourself up, you are enough.” this song could potentially touch its listener with the inspiring lyrics that a significant amount of people need to hear. I mean, doesn’t it fit the title of the record? “Saved”. Claudio Parrone released a multiple inversive album that displayed multiple genres, ranges, and weaved between classic, and timeless, with contemporary, and infectious. Intertwining the elements to create a magnificent full-projected album.

We highly recommend you check out Claudio Parrone's new album "A Boy From Somewhere" on Spotify, and continue reading for Claudio's exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic!

How do you manage to incorporate your midwestern roots with your LA environment? Does your surroundings impact your songwriting, Claudio?

This is an interesting question. When I was still living in the Midwest, I was writing songs that had a more L.A feel. I was working with a studio out here to ensure that I’d get the “west coast” sound I was looking for. I put quotes around those words because I didn’t exactly know what that was yet. I knew that it wasn’t a Midwest sound. For instance, with “Summer Time” and “25 in L.A”, I was trying to accomplish a certain tone. I wanted the song to put you on a beach, or in a car with the top down, etc…However, what I found was that, rather than sounding “west coast”, to me, they sound like someone dreaming of the West coast. Which was my reality for about, 6 years. So I’d definitely say that my surroundings play a role in my writing. What’s cool about this record though is that, the entire thing was written while I was living in Wisconsin, but we mixed it for about 8 months in L.A. So I think it has a good balance. 

Tell us about the major theme behind the album “A boy From Somewhere” ?

The theme of “A Boy from Somewhere”, is weathering the storm. In the first track, we introduce the idea of this being a literal storm. You hear things throughout to affirm this idea as well. However, the moral of the album, is that ultimately, love is why we are all here. Love in it’s purest form. Not necessarily a romantic love. That’s something our “hero”, so to speak, fights with throughout the piece. He’s trying to find reasons to fight. A reason to live through this horrible circumstance he’s been given. At the end, in track 12, you hear what happens to him. I won’t spoil it for our readers.

Which song on this project for you was the most impactful and why?

“This Is Not A Song”. Hands down. It’s the most autobiographical thing I’ve ever written. It’s also the most ambitious thing I’ve ever written. The idea of mixing spoken word into my songs has always been a goal of mine. I did a little of that on my last EP. I tested the waters. Nobody seemed to have an issue with it, so I decided to dive head first this time around. I say things in that piece that I hadn’t even said to myself, until I had put pen to paper. And I say a lot. It’s over 10 minutes long. Also, fun fact. My birthday is October 18th, or 10/18. When the song was finished, when the mix was done, when it was through mastering, the final run time of the track was, 10:18. Scary stuff. 

What were some challenges you’ve faced during the creation process of “A Boy From Somewhere” and how did you overcome them?

Well, I must start by saying, I gave myself a lot of time with this project. From the first day we tracked, to it’s release, it was just over a year. So there was plenty of time for problems to arise. One major one that we faced early on was the weather. My Co-Producer/Composer (Curtis Crump Jr.) and myself, would drive about an hour and a half to get to the studio. Keep in mind, that’s Midwest time. Which means it took that long because it was about 80 miles away. Not L.A time, where it takes you that long to drive 15 miles. Anyway. It was the dead of Winter. Very snowy, very icy, so we ran into a lot of problems there. Once in L.A the only major problem was the financial side of things. I’m fully independent. Luckily, I work with amazing people who are willing to work with me on costs, however, the stresses of figuring out how to get all of these things done and paid for, is a lot. I’m not going to lie to you. I have to act as my own writer, producer, manager, agent, publicist, marketing consultant, etc…Dealing with all of things that are not directly related to the music, is a lot to handle. It’s not a “problem” per se, but with this being my debut album, it became problematic at times. However, I remind myself that we’re all trying to figure this stuff out as we go. Nobody really knows how to do this. Art is such a mystery of a business. 

What’s next for you Claudio?

What’s next? Oh, so much. I have a music video coming out soon for my song, “Fair Warning”. I’m releasing a single just in time for Summer titled, “High”. Very different sound than what people are used to hearing from me. I guess that’s kind of my thing. In July, I’m bringing some awesome friends/musicians out to L.A to get to work on my second studio album. It may or may not be connected to “A Boy from Somewhere”. (But don’t tell anyone. I want it to be a surprise). I’m finishing up my first national tour, “The Somewhere Tour” on May 21st in L.A. I have some other big shows in the works for the Summer time. Nothing set in stone yet, so I can’t say much, but keep up with me on Instagram to stay in the loop. 


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