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Cle’ph Sinks into Sensuality with a Soulful Single, "Hit & Run"

From Brooklyn to Queens, the r&b artist and singer-songwriter Cle'ph releases a sultry groove for the soul with his recent single, "Hit & Run."

Growing up in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Cle’ph found himself immersed in music at a young age, which kept him off the streets. Cle’ph (Muhammad Rashid) later went on to win R&B Artist of The Year at the LDM Network Awards for his single, "Hey, Miss Beautiful." With constant rotation on Atlanta, New Jersey, and New York radio, Cle’ph is excited to introduce new listeners to his recent EP, 'Confidence of a Shy Guy.'

Highlighting his hit single, "Hit & Run," off of the passionate EP, 'Confidence of a Shy Guy,' Cle’ph delves into the depths of desire and sensuality through this single's radiant r&b tones and his descriptive lyricism. Truly leaving any listener in a trance through the song's warmth and lust, we're incredibly eager for our readers to get to know Cle’ph's diverse and textured stylings.

Pressing play on "Hit & Run," the single opens with downtempo and plucky electric guitar, and a haunting background vocal. As the warm piano makes its way in alongside the downtempo drums and groovy bassline, Cle’ph later makes his passionate vocal appearance while depicting the morning scenes of waking up with a lover by his side.

Moving through the single, the hook drenches listeners in the utmost soul and desire, especially as Cle’ph soaks our speakers in his desirous vocals that leave anyone craving life's sweet and sensual moments. We're genuinely impressed with the texture and depth of this track, as Cle’ph and the song's dense production serve a breath of fresh air.

Get into the groove of Cle’ph's latest single, "Hit & Run," and find the rest of his 7-track EP, 'Confidence of a Shy Guy' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cle’ph. We're completely and utterly swooned by the sensual tones of your latest single, "Hit & Run." What inspired the creation of this silky-smooth and sultry song?

The inspiration to the hit-and-run single was definitely the beat. Once I heard that guitar, I knew a story had to be told to that beat.

Did you produce the single "Hit & Run" yourself? What was the sonic creative process like when crafting the instrumentals and production?

The beat was produced by Robin Wesley, shout out to him for making that. It was basically a collaborative effort, he provided the beat I wrote the lyrics, and sing what I heard. Clearly, anybody can hear that the guitar and bass make a huge impact on the song.

How does "Hit & Run" fit into the vibe and feel of your recent EP 'Confidence of a Shy Guy?'

Hit and run fits into the vibe off my EP Conference of a shy guy perfectly because if you hear the rest of the EP this particular song really tells the more detailed story of what happens behind closed doors and what some people really don't want to talk about, which is, basically women can be much of a Savage as a man but better

Seeing that you've been in the music scene for well over twenty years, how has your sound and brand evolved over time? Have you noticed any changes to your music over the years?

I would say my sound has definitely changed and evolved over the years I look back when I first started doing music to now and the concepts are more detailed. I'm older and I've been and seen and things which really makes it easy to write about. The changes in my music I have noticed a lot. My sound is definitely different for me, I don't sound the same which is a good thing, it means growth and I'm hoping that people who hear my music and been hearing my music feels the same way as well. Growth is everything.

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