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Clear Your Schedule for Morning Trips "We Have No Time (For Now)"

Together for four years now, Morning Trips is the American-based four-pieced expansive sound that has been described by the Northwest Florida Daily News as ‘influenced by a gumbo of dream pop, shoegaze, R&B, and 80s music.’

Adding founding punk-era nostalgia and saccharine synths into the mix for good measure, the unique blend of comforting yet pulsating feelings ripple and resonate further with each riff; Morning Trips aim to be for all collections of people as they morph through soundscapes with their diverse approach to creating.

Laying down their own groundwork as trailblazers in a dimension custom to them, Morning Trips brings forth their most recent single, “We Have No Time (For Now).” With a reverberated atmosphere cast throughout the speakers, the textured layers that compose this soundscape have us feeling the mind-altering grooves of Morning Trip's musical genius first-hand.

Colossal percussion patterns grasp onto the rhythmic essence in a way that carves out an infectious groove that you can’t help but fall into. There’s an elevated climax that occurs when the transition from verses to chorus navigate you to an altitude that rises with the same impactful energy that Morning Trips delivers to their audience as second nature.

With a soothing performance of robust timbres that propel abstract lyrics within “We Have No Time (For Now),” you can’t help but to find a witty quip that pulls you into this masterpiece in a personal manner. With words like, ‘It seems that I’ve misplaced my good fortune and my taste,’ bringing you a flavor for what Morning Trips provides in the intriguing songwriting conveyed, you understand more and more as to why they garner attention and an unstated allure as they build up their fan base.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Morning Trips, and Congratulations on the release of your latest single “We Have No Time (For Now).” We can’t help but take in the lyrical content in a way that speaks to us directly, but may also be subjective to the listener. In your own words, what does this song mean to you?

The song is definitely about the distance and confusion that comes from time away from people you are close with. Growing apart from people for no other reason than just time leading you to separate paths, but making the time you do get together count. I've always played in my mind with the idea of time travel or transporting yourself somewhere that wasn't in the present moment. So I feel like a lot of ways this song is about trying to wish you could have enjoyed the moment and reflecting on the "what if's"

Is this what you hope your audience takes away from it as well, or do you hope it resonates with them in various ways?

I think the cool thing about art is that even if I wanted the song to evoke a certain feeling, I know and fully accept people are going to draw conclusions and attach their own meanings to the songs. Sometimes, I feel what the people are getting out of the art is more important than what the artist is putting in. I guess if I had any hope of what I would want people to feel with this song is to just not waste the precious time and to leave everything we find better after we leave.

You mention that this song will be the groundwork for what’s to come. What can you tell us about your reasoning for making this the start of the creative genius to come pouring in?

I always think we are getting better but I think this song is a nice little prelude to what our EP’s will LOOK like. Sonics-wise, there are a lot of similar textural elements - at least I could hold this piece up next to larger, cohesive forms of expression and all of it sounds natural.

We felt from top to bottom - from the visuals, the storytelling, the sonics - we understood each intention 100%. We did a lot of our production and video work over 2020, and while we always had a good grip on our sonic identity - getting the grip on the visual identity was a fun experiment and I think this song was the song that made me realize how much we were over-thinking and see what was right in front of me the whole time.

What’s your mission statement as a band? How do you ensure that is conveyed in everything that you do?

Just be earnest and honest. We don’t care about making one certain genre of music, we want to try everything. We don't get caught up in the numbers game, we try to express something interesting and well thought out to try and evoke whoever is interested to think We don’t play things safe, especially when it comes to our identity and how we express ourselves. I think being earnest and honest lands you real friends, and we’d rather have 5 real friends than 100 fake ones. I've always said I want Morning Trips to be a band that helps usher in more progressive, open spaces for people to enter and roam freely and I think capturing that approach in creation is super important to me.

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