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Climb Onboard Space Sluts' Futuristic Track, "St. v"

Madi Cox is the interplanetary chanteuse performing under the cognomen, Space Sluts, who fabricates mystifying Sci-Fi-tinged panoramas from the super-novas of her creative mind.

On the journey throughout the vistas of space, Madi seldom appears without scintillating synths, mellifluous incantations, and a love-sick diegesis. Her latest bestowment of saturated New-age Pop music is a provocative display of prismatic synth iterations that copulate over the anguish she paints through her top-line in, "St. v."

Madi is eclectic in the stylistic approach of distinguishing her futuristic otherworldly sounds, while still feeling tangible. She glides over silky vocal intonations that penetrate through the New-Age-Pop mix with a phantasmal texture, rendering up the Brooklyn-based exotic like a clandestine Venutian.

The background atmosphere here is a mid-tempo drawl and features oscillating subs, punchy metallic percussion, howling tom-toms, and an 80's inspired digital synth escapades that permeate through with a staccato-like pluck.

The entire sonic voyage finds an eloquent stride over the dynamic and versatile essence of the rhythm, while Madi serves up carbonated vocal lift-offs on a polychromatic palate of Synth-wave meets Sci-fi Pop aesthetics. 

Madi Cox facilitates those times when we want to take a prismatic voyage through the galaxy—and Space Sluts is our ticket to ride.

What were the inspirations behind the textures, aesthetics, and enchanting atmospheres you've created on "St. v.?"

My terrible answer to this is I have no idea. When I finished writing ‘St.v’ I heard a produced version in my head almost immediately and knew where I wanted to take the song. I enlisted the help of producer Gary Atturio (who was also the mixing engineer) to help clarify those ideas. We started working on this piece at the height of the pandemic in April, sending stems back and forth and working together remotely. We played with different synth sounds, song structure, harmonic layers, and sure enough, the song came together! Big shout out to Gary for being nothing but amazing during the creation of the track! Can you run down the narrative behind this spellbinding adventure? Was this a song based on your own personal experiences, or a fictitious gem from your artistic mind? St.v is based on a breakup with an ex who I found out had been cheating and essentially had a new relationship behind my back. Though I still have a hard time talking about the details, to me, the song is a bit of closure I never got. It’s about the acceptance of the grief I went through after the relationship while learning how to move on. How do you keep the creative juices flowing when your inspirations hit a wall? And can you remember a time during the creation of "St. v," where you needed tap into those methods to manufacture some inventive progressions? One thing that I do often when I hit a wall while writing or creating is sit in my inflatable glitter chair and ‘dig’ through my memory bank to find a moment that brings me back to the memories that invoke the feelings I am trying to create from. When writing, I try hard to remember not to censor myself. I tend to want everything to be perfect from the start and it’s taken a while to learn to let my creativity be free from judgment during the writing process. If I’m feeling particularly stuck, I tend to start improvising phrasing, lyrics, beats, melodies, etc, without holding back or limiting myself to create within the ‘parameters’ of what I think the song might be. I wrote ‘St.v’ over the course of a few days and had to use that ‘memory bank’ power to tap into those feelings over and over again. While it’s hard to relive those moments, I definitely feel like tapping into those emotions is what helped me form the shape of the piece. What would you say to your audience that would stand as an Epilogue for the message and sentiments behind this track's playback? My big ol’ PSA I give people when they ask about the song is just to be honest in relationships – romantic, platonic, or anything in between. Communication is difficult at times, but I’m a big fan of honesty and hope that people (myself included) can work towards creating better communication skills. Also, don’t cheat on your partners yo. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? There’s been a lot of difficult days in 2020. A couple of things I’ve done this year to help keep myself inspired are: - scheduling time for music or music-related brainstorming - forcing myself to do one thing a day that scares me - whether that sends an email I’ve been avoiding or scale down a mountain (yes, both have happened recently!) this reminder to keep putting myself out there has helped enormously to keep things fresh - remember to take time to be outdoors and in nature - keep focusing on myself, my happiness, and growth - chocolate covered almonds. So small, yet so satisfying


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