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Cloak The Scribe Is No Stranger To The Grind In His New SIngle, "No Sleep"

Soaring in from his native Chi-Town is songwriter, rapper, a hip-hop recording artist Cloak The Scribe with his poised and hard-hitting single, "No Sleep."

Learning everything about hard work and hustle from his birthing grounds of Chicago, Cloak The Scribe quickly gained respect around town after releasing his debut mixtape, 'Life Music.' Inspired by the late great Tupac Shakur, Cloak The Scribe says the legendary rapper, "God rest his soul, was my motivation, my impetus."

Cloak The Scribe peels back another layer of his complex artistic skillset with new hits like "No Sleep." Produced by Marv4MoBeats, the track offers all the poise, power, and composure we could ask for in a modern hip-hop experience.

Diving deeper into "No Sleep," we're met with Marv4MoBeats' rhythmic and mid-tempo hip-hop production that melts our speakers with a dark and hazy vibe while the broad percussion and plucky synths set the intense and fierce tone. Listening to Cloak The Scribe's dominant bars, he bulldozes the rap game with such an authentic flow and confident performance that's just as exhilarating as it is conceptual.

We appreciate how Cloak The Scribe ensures this track carries meaningful and powerful depth through bars like "What's crazy to me we strain, struggle to build muscle, but let this system jack our moves and still hustles." Reaching the hook, Cloak The Scribe shares his melodic and soothing vocals to offer a completely different approach reminiscent of the one and only Tupac Shakur.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cloak The Scribe. We're excited to feature your hard-hitting and confident new track, "No Sleep." When did you begin feeling inspired to write this go-getting tune?

No Sleep was inspired by 50 Cent's "Hustler's Ambition" Single from the soundtrack of getting Rich or Die Tryin the movie. Hard work and being a Hustler have been in my blood since I was a kid. But, it only really applied to me when it came to activities that I was interested in.

Do you often get your beats from producer Marv4MoBeats, as you did with "No Sleep"? What does his production offer that you appreciate the most?

Not all of my beats, but as we've continued to work together over the years, I can tell we have that chemistry needed to take hits as well as great Hip-Hop/Rap records. He has various styles, but I appreciate Marv's ear for music and knowing how to blend different genres together to make something special (or at least that's how I feel).

Speaking on your main artistic influence, Tupac Shakur, did he have any influence on the sound, feel, and vibe of "No Sleep"?

Pac is definitely a major influence on the transparency in my writing (to this day). Soundscape-wise, as I mentioned, was 50 Cent but delivery, wordplay, execution I have to give to fellow Lyricist "RJ Payne."

What impact did you want your bars from "No Sleep" to have on your audience? Did you want to trigger any thoughts or realizations?

The impact I wanted them to have is that all the facades and lies to sell records aren't necessary, whether signed or independent. I've never compromised my character or integrity to move a single project. Hard work, smart work, prayer, and willingness to share my life experiences have done more for in this space than anything. My talent for Lyricism and Writing comes in as a strong 2nd to the prior mentioned.

What's next for you?

I currently own my own Independent Label, and we have a collaborative E.P. that will be released after "Vent Sessions." Website, Single, and Video from collaborative E.P., an announcement of the first Artist signed by my Label and the release of his first solo single and E.P. And a releasing of my Sophomore Album this year as well.



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