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Cloudy June Introduces Dark Pop With New Single “High Waist to Hell”

Cloudy June from Berlin brings us a brand new single “High Waist To Hell”, which shows the world what she is all about. Coming from a background of heavy metal, Cloudy June’s pop music has darker and bold undertones that make her stand out from typical pop music. She first began releasing demos at just 14 years old and has since begun to build a name for herself. She was also able to tour alongside indie musician Kat Frankie in early 2020. She is not afraid to press against musical barriers and create a sound that is uniquely her own.

“High Waist To Hell” emulates power and assertiveness, and after a listen it is clear that Cloudy June is a force to be reckoned with. Her vocals are striking, with a smooth and controlled tone that is easy to get lost in, and her strong-willed lyrics that leave you feeling like you could conquer anything. She has naturally good control over her voice, specifically falsetto tones. Her vocals are accompanied by a fierce backing track, with dark electronic sounds that compliment her vivid lyrics. Cloudy June sings about having someone wrapped around your finger even if the feeling isn’t mutual, and the power that a woman can wield. Cloudy June is surely an artist to keep a lookout throughout 2020.

Listen to “High Waist To Hell” by Cloudy June, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cloudy June! Thank you for sharing your song “High Waist To Hell” with us, what was the writing process like for this song? Thanks for having me! I wrote "High Waist to Hell" with two friends of mine, Valentin and Vincent. We do writing sessions together from time to time. One day I brought in the idea for the title and we started working around it. When the song was finished at first I didn't think of releasing it myself. But then I kept listening to the demo and it started to grow on me more and more until eventually, I decided that "High Waist to Hell" was gonna be my next single You have built quite a unique sound over your years as an artist. What was it like making the transition from heavy metal to pop music? The first songs that I wrote by myself at the age of 13 were Pop. When I was 16 I discovered my love for harder music, such as Judas Priest and AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, all that. That was the time when I joined my first band. We started out playing Hard Rock but soon the music became darker and darker and it eventually turned into Death Metal. I even started to learn Growling & Screaming after I found out about a band called Arch Enemy. They have a female lead singer who does crazy brutal vocals. That was the first time that I had ever heard a woman do that and I immediately thought: I wanna do that, too!

Making music has always been my biggest dream. After three years with the Metal Band being my main focus, I had decided to work more on my solo stuff again. That's when I also realized that we didn't all share the same goals for the future in the band. 

It was a hard decision to leave but it also opened new doors for me. I kept trying out new things for my own sound, some more heavy, some more Pop stuff. With "High Waist to Hell" I feel like I can honor my love for Metal and still adapt to a modern sound. Which makes me extremely happy. What is the music scene like in Berlin? Do you plan on traveling to any other place for creating music or touring? I got to meet so many talented artists in this city. There are lot's of Open Mics around and many different genres being played here. You can see people busking on the streets in summer and just get inspired by the overall vibe of this city. I feel like Berlin is already a good place for creating music. 

Early this year I went on tour for a couple of days with Kat Frankie for her amazing A cappella project and we played crazy spaces like the Elbphilharmonie. I am currently working on new songs and I want to put together a show and play my own concerts around Germany within the next year, that would be great.

How has your music evolved since you started releasing songs at the age of 14? If you could give another young emerging artist any piece of advice, what would it be?

Once I was at a Rock show with my best friend and we met the band's singer afterward. And he gave us this advice: "Let it grow" And in a way, the growing never stops. I still find parts in songs that I wrote when I was 14 and re-write them today with a new perspective. 

My advice for young emerging artists would be to never forget what brought you to music in the first place. The reason can change for a while and sometimes it can feel a little hopeless. Especially when you have big dreams for your music but you feel like you're stuck in someplace. It's always good to have a strong reason to come back to that motivates you to keep going.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Keep writing songs, put all you got into it, let the people hear your music. And most important: Don't give up. What can your fans expect next from you?

More music! I can't say exactly when, but there is definitely more coming up this year!


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