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cnspracy Encourages Us to "Reach the Sun" in a New Single

Born and raised in Queens, Jamaica, the genre-defying recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter cnspracy releases a sweet-sounding and meaningful new single, "Reach the Sun."

With influences from gospel and reggae, cnspracy fuses these sounds with her passion for contemporary pop, r&b, and hip-hop. Writing her raps and poems to help cope with depression, cnspracy never shies away from conveying her truth and love for God through music. Creating and producing all of her music herself, it's safe to say that cnspracy is a force to be reckoned with.

Through her latest single, "Reach the Sun," cnspracy offers a brilliant ode to life's peaks and valleys through her meaningful bars and lyrics while allowing the listener to nod their heads in a state of reflection. Not to mention her skilled approach towards production, cnspracy offers a soothing and intricate sonic atmosphere that will leave any listener wowed with her vast creativity.

Listening to "Reach the Sun," we're met with a soft piano melody and cnspracy's filtered voice that speaks of life's fast pace and watching it go by before you know it. As she begins to serenade us with her warm and gentle vocals, cnspracy opens up about not knowing which move to make in regard to life's journey.

While she jumps back and forth from her soothing vocal tones to poetic bars, cnspracy touches on incredibly relatable and necessary words that remind listeners to never take anything for granted. We adore the reflective sonic atmosphere that cnspracy offers through her in-depth production, as it perfectly complements her tender delivery and conceptual words.

Open your heart and mind with help from cnspracy's latest single, "Reach the Sun," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic cnspracy. We genuinely admire the honest words and genuine feel of your latest single, "Reach the Sun." Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to create this single?

Reach the Sun is one of the most honest songs I’ve written. There really wasn’t a specific moment that inspired its creation. I think about my future, goals, and dreams on a daily basis. I’m a person that relies on faith but sometimes doubts creep into my mind and I question if I’ll really accomplish all that I’m meant to. Life can feel like it’s running at the speed of a rocket and for someone like me who aims to make the world a better place in multiple ways, that feeling can be overwhelming at times. Also speaking of rockets, while conveying this theme I found myself relating it to different space themes hence the cover art. Long story short, Reach the Sun was inspired by a feeling of ambition and escaping the constraints that society often places on people such as misogyny and age in order to achieve the dreams that give me a purpose for living.

Seeing that you produce and create all of your sonics yourself, what was your solo creative process like for "Reach the Sun?" How did you begin laying your tracks down to find the right sound and feel?

I like to think that my creative process can be a bit unorthodox. It really depends on what my intentions are going into a project or session. The process for Reach the Sun started out as just an idea in my head. I think I was watching TV or something and the first two hook lines and melodies just popped into my head. This happens more often than not for me. I recorded those two lines into my voice memos and put the idea on ice for a few days until I had the opportunity to use the idea as part of a songwriting assignment. Shoutout to my songwriting professor at SUNY Purchase, Rebecca Haviland. If it wasn’t for her, who knows if I would’ve completed writing Reach the Sun because I record various voice memos throughout the day and I can be quite bad at getting back to them. With almost every project I begin, I start out with creating the hook and build the song around it. I create the chord progressions, then melody, then drums and bass. When I’m trying to figure out the right chord and melody relationships I always start out using a piano preset, which my favorite is the stock one in Logic. Sometimes it makes it into the final mix of the project or I’ll choose another VST. Once I have the hook finished usually the rest of the project’s creation just flows. When I feel passionate about the message portrayed in a song as I do about Reach the Sun, the writing process is usually very natural and fun to create. Once the beat is finished I record my vocals in my bedroom. (lol) I almost always record the verse first, then the hook, then adlibs, background vocals, etc. After the recording process is finished I begin mixing which is the step I enjoy the most. It’s where the song starts to really take shape. This step was probably the hardest part of the process. I used a lot of different techniques in the track and I had a pinpoint vision for how I wanted the track to sound. Specifically, in the bridge I’m using a lot of techniques you wouldn’t typically hear in this genre and I wanted it to blend with my artistic sound well in addition to capturing the listeners’ attention.

What was your songwriting process like for "Reach the Sun?" Was this a therapeutic process for you, or did you face any personal challenges when writing about your doubts and uncertainties?

Every song I write is therapeutic for me. I write about my reality, my truth, things that are passionate to me. My relationship with music began as a therapeutic outlet when I was struggling with depression. Music has continued to be an indispensable tool of healing in my life. I’m not afraid, to be honest about my insecurities. I’m not perfect, no one is so, why pretend to be? I think about being an example for younger generations who sometimes struggle in finding their identities. We don’t need examples of people who appear to be indestructible and unflawed. I believe the ability to be vulnerable is one of the greatest and bravest abilities a person can possess.

Could you tell us more about your artistic brand and what you aim to represent and stand for? What should listeners associate you with?

If you saw me in person the first thing you’d probably notice is my physical disability. There’s no hiding it and I have no intentions of doing so. My goal is to put my disability at the forefront of my brand. I’m completely aware that many consider a disability as a liability but it’s my superpower. I aim to represent authenticity in an industry that’s playing pretend. In today’s rap industry, there are loads of artists talking about gaining riches, doing drugs, having crazy amounts of sex, and I respect that, but what about the audience that can’t relate to that? I speak for that audience. Often listeners are resonating more with the melodies and beats of songs than the lyrics and the message. By listening to my music you’re getting a wealth of both. Listeners should associate me with a unique rap flow, ear-catching sound design, booming kicks, and a resilient attitude. They say most of today’s music sounds the same, not mine. When you hear my music, you’ll know it’s cnspracy. I’ve spent the majority of my life being told what I can’t or wouldn’t be able to do. I’ve already shocked a lot of people, I’m ready to shock some more.

What's next for you?

I’m beyond excited for what God has in store for me. Recently, I’ve discovered who I really am as an artist and it shows in the music I’m currently releasing. I’m excited for the world to hear all that I have to offer. Reach the Sun is a single of my first upcoming EP ‘The Path’ releasing August 6th. This EP is somewhat of an auditory storybook of my experiences throughout the last couple of years. I wear my heart on my sleeve throughout the project and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. I can see that the future is bright. People like to say that the sky's the limit, I disagree. I have no limit.

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