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Codi Dillon Collides With His True Self On New Album

Hi Codi! Tell us all about your new release coming out this week

This release is the biggest thus far in my journey! I’m so excited to share this project and the music I’ve worked so tirelessly to make this the best music I’ve made. It really is a testament to how far I’ve grown and how honest and legit my music is. The album, “CØLLUSIØN” is about breaking the mold of society, and feeling very real and raw emotions on the journey to finding yourself. You go through love, loss, heartbreak, re-discovery, Mental health, etc. And many topics like those are talked about on the album. We have noticed a BIG change in your direction and image as an artist.  What has been the inspiration?

I feel like I’m finally becoming the artist I have felt within myself. I have always been super creative and wanted to create out of the box concepts that catch people’s attention. I feel I am just more motivated and confident in myself to create this kind of art I’ve been craving to make. The inspiration is drawn from within and finding the strength and love of myself that I thought I couldn’t find. When I did, I was able to act fearlessly in creating the best work of my career so far. We love the new fashions and photos! Tell us who is your designer and do you style yourself?

Thank you! I use a lot of fast fashion and club kid fashion brands. I have been inspired a lot by the Chromatica Era, and have incorporated some of that influence into my style. I have always styled myself and enjoy doing it. I have a very specific and vivid eye when it comes to fashion, and creating a Cohesive look to correspond to the music! Your latest video is extremely eye-popping and provocative!  What was the motivation for this work?

The song, “He Like That,” is a very confident and sexy anthem, especially to LGBT youth. It’s sometimes so hard to find love or to be loved in such an outcast community because the needs vary between each person's story. SMLY & I wanted to make a song to lift ourselves up and feel strong and powerful in our bodies. The video also captured how strong our bond is and how close we are as friends. Please tell our readers how to get MORE Codi Dillon!  You can find more CODI DILLON on my site []! And follow me on Insta [@codi.dillon], Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube! Please make sure to listen and stream my music on Spotify & Apple Music. And get ready for CØLLUSIØN out Friday 9/18.


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