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Cody Hall Reminds Us That Brighter Days Are Past, "The Dark"

Humming his way in from Lethbridge, Alberta, is a singer-songwriter and country/folk recording artist Cody Hall with his thoughtful and inspirational single entitled "The Dark."

The unique songwriter has such a way with words, and you can trust that all of Cody Hall's tracks feature ample emotion and authenticity. The small-town farm boy has remained true to his rural roots while performing at various events like his semifinalist spot in the Country 105 "Rising Star" competition. More recently, a song from his sophomore album, 'Peaks and Valleys,' was selected to feature in the upcoming film, 'February's Dog.'

Now releasing his first of many hits this year with "The Dark," this sweet single was recorded and produced at Bucket Brigade Studios and perfectly showcases the in-depth and passionate writing skills Hall has to offer. The song takes listeners through an emotional theme of growing up in such a complex world but never giving in to "The Dark."

Expanding on "The Dark," the tune softly opens with Cody Hall's warm and tender vocals alongside his sole acoustic guitar and bright country-like twangs. While expanding on the little things he does to keep his daughter feeling safe and at peace, Hall then leans into the hook where he reminds us that we must never give in or give up when those dark days roll around.

The song offers an incredibly smooth and soulful listening experience, especially on the inclusive and welcoming hook where Cody Hall's lead and background vocals harmoniously serenade us with the utmost emotion and heart. We love the inspiration Hall delivers in this tune, and we're sure anyone will appreciate the chilling and feel-good theme he ever so passionately sings about.

Keep your head held high and never give in to "The Dark," with a little help from Cody Hall's wise words. Find the single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cody Hall. We truly appreciate the emotional and motivational theme you've brought with your latest single, "The Dark." What inspired you to write about sticking through life's tough times?

I wrote "The Dark" amid all the pandemic stuff. It kind of started with the first verse being something I kept singing to myself, and I thought the theme presented itself. I started thinking about some of the things that can take over and suck the light from our lives, and the rest of the song just came out. There was actually a post on Facebook from a fellow artist who was thinking of quitting, which was the inspiration behind the tagline of the song. I wanted it to be a message to him and others to keep going and that things were going to get better!

Your songwriting in "The Dark" is honestly quite beautiful. What was your personal songwriting process like? What sort of scenes did you want to bring the listener into?

My goal with every song is to give listeners a relatable experience. I write songs inspired by personal moments, but ones I know others also go through. Imagery in my lyrics is so important, so I really try to use lines that evoke feelings and memories. I also really enjoy playing with the duality of some words and how they can have such different meanings. For The Dark, I wanted each verse to speak to specific people. It is for parents and children dealing with fears of the dark and first times, teenagers struggling with identity, adults stuck in a rut, and anyone afraid of the unknown. I think that's the trick, "vaguely specific" gives the listeners the opportunity to fill in their own blanks.

Why did you choose to release "The Dark" as your first single of 2022? How does this song set the tone for your musical year?

I chose this song because of the forced hiatus I've been on. The pandemic took the wind out of my sails in so many ways. It really took a toll on my social skills. I felt like 2020 was a great year, and things were headed in the right direction when the world hit pause. My confidence took a hit, and I started to think music was something I couldn't do anymore. This song opened so many doors for me and led me to some incredible people and colleagues. I have plans to continue working with Bucket Brigade Studio (Joel Pearson and Wayne Proctor) to record an album this summer!

On a broader note, what impact do you hope your music has on the listener? What do you want your audience to associate your music with?

I hope my audience gets the feeling of genuine and authenticity when they listen to my songs. Music has become the way I communicate emotionally, and I think it's important that that comes through in my songs. Impact-wise, I want my listeners to come back and listen again. I want them to connect and re-listen, to want to see me play live, and to create new memories. Music has a powerful way of bringing out the best of us, and I hope that my songs inspire people to be real.

What's next for you?

I've got a song called Alberta Sky that is going to be in a movie called February's Dog, which premiers in May that I am very excited about, and I am working on a couple of different videos for "The Dark." Aside from that, I've got a few summer shows booked already. I'm also going to continue writing and adding to the catalog of songs to record. If all goes well, there will be a full album in 2022!



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