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Cody Randall Blesses Us with His Latest Release, "Lost World"

Riding the wave of the viral success of his last hit, "Remedy,"—that's already garnished the L.A. based Artist with 3.5 million streams—Cody Randall releases his latest addition to his atmospheric electronic catalog titled, "Lost World."

It's a mystifying experience centered around when Randall was still studying in the U.K. and his struggle with being grudgingly ejected from the place he felt was his home for the last three years of his education. 

On "Lost World," Randall practices balance as he amalgamates components from impressively cohesive soundscapes. His whispering tonal riff suggests prime Alternative-Pop, while his captivating modulated electronic production delivers a measure similar to the bounce on The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights."

There's an 80's inspired hue to the beat found here, and two-thirds of the way through, Randall buzzes over the bustling vibe of his production's all-encompassing eruption in the hook, where the drums ramp up their enthusiasm, and our songster whirs over the saturated and infatuating reverbs that comes assigned to his voice—soaring as it flies over the expanses of this mix. If I don’t feel you by my side, I’ll walk blind without you”, he enchants, half-whispering and drenched in echoey tails as his hook elevates over upswell of synth pads that secure over each other with a weaving dynamic—again—as Randall continues his incantation.

"Lost World" sounds both like a fantasia of mystifying electronic twinkles playing in a room designed to make the L.A. songster's voice permeate deep within our cores. It's an experience that renders calmly and atmospheric, developing over its own colorful and uplifting vibes, and breezing past in no time: establishing the power this song has over all our senses when time simply fades away during "Lost World's" playback.

What was your initial reaction like when your song "Remedy" exploded onto the TikTok universe and eventually landed itself in your audience's playlists worldwide?

Well it started happening right before I went to sleep and I remember thinking, “oh maybe this is that thing when you go to sleep and you wake up to it went viral.” and that’s pretty much what happened. Mainly I was really surprised, I didn't expect anyone to care about that song, to be honest. I immediately called my manager friend Cooper Herrera and told him about what happened and then the excitement of it all kicked in.

Did you feel any pressure with the release of this track and it's anticipation amongst your fans due to your initial viral stardom eruption?

I didn’t really feel a lot of pressure for “When Do U Feel Alive” because it’s one of my favorite tracks I’ve released. I also tend to set expectations low otherwise I’d probably be discouraged after every release. I just always hope for the best really for every release, I know that if I make sure I honestly love the music I put out, some group of people is going to like it.

Can you explain some of the sentiments you wanted to highlight in "Lost World," and how it brings you back to studying and living in the United Kingdom?

I tried to stay there after already living there for 4 years, but unfortunately, it just didn’t work out. It felt like such an elongated and stressful process hence “Woke up, left with the keys to the road that never ends”. I kind of personified the whole song though, because it’s a relationship in its own odd way and I relate it to my past relationships too, there are some things in common with them all.

Who would you say you draw most of your creative inspirations from, and how have those influences helped develop your own musical style and aesthetic over the years?

I really love Brockhampton and Kevin Abstract at the moment mainly because of their lyrics and how honest they can get. I’m also listening to Trevor Daniel, The Neighbourhood, and Mac Miller a lot. Mac’s new album was my favorite one by far which is heartbreaking since that he’s not here with us making music anymore. As far as developing my own sound, It just took time and consciously leaning into myself in all aspects not just music. The more I do that the deeper I lean into my own lane.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Well since Remedy blew up I’ve been hustling really hard just off of that and all these new fans I get to talk with and learn about, but also I just love writing songs when it comes down to it, I haven’t been that inspired this year by much else but I don’t really need that to write songs because I’ve always done it for myself anyway.



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