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Cody Randall Has His Listeners Feeling Good All Day Long

Remember viral Alt/Pop artist Cody Randall? His latest hit, "Lost World," was featured on BuzzMusic last week, and the hot summer electronic single had just followed his viral sensation, "Remedy."

Los Angeles music artist Cody Randall has always had his sights set on proudly emulating his uplifting sound. That's the best way to describe the feeling that Cody Randall and his music can impart to listeners--he crafts singles that deliver bouncy and feel-good rhythms, all while manifesting playfully mystifying soundscapes.

Cody Randall seems to be the L.A. songster to put your focus into this year, as the advancement of his music only appears to persist. Cody establishes vibrant themes within his musical offerings, and such themes are often expressed in a nonchalant manner, which only adds to the easy-breezy aspect of his music. Pouring his own vulnerable experiences and emotions into his music, Cody only strengthens his artistry with the creational wave he seems to be on with how he goes about communicating such life events. From here on out, Cody Randall only plans to hustle it out with his music, making us highly anticipating new work from this mind-driven artist.

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