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Cold Engines Offers Listeners a Warm Embrace With Their Heartfelt Single, "The Darkest Part"

The North Shore Boston-based Retro-Wave, Power-Pop, and melodic Rock band Cold Engines releases a reminiscent and heartfelt tune titled, "The Darkest Part."

Consisting of David Drouin, Aaron Zaroulis, Eric Reingold, and Geoff Pilkington, Cold Engines have spent five long years re-working their sound to capture the urgency and catchiness of the golden era of Pop music. More recently, Cold Engines has been busy working on their highly anticipated 6th record titled "The Last Resort" to drop New Year's Day 2021.

With their latest hit, "The Darkest Part," listeners can hear a more reflective, personal, and softer side of Cold Engines. The four-piece pushes an incredibly soothing and warm atmosphere through their bluesy take on Alternative-Rock/Folk. Not to mention the song's deep lyrical content that's sadly relatable, we love the pure passion and heart that Cold Engines has infused into this tender single. 

"The Darkest Part" opens with warm acoustic guitar strumming and Country/blues-inspired electric guitar, droning in the distance. Once the lead vocalist beings to pour his heart and soul into the track through deepened lyricism, he keeps our ears locked right into his heartfelt sound that moves mountains. 

Cold Engines offers highly picturesque instrumentals. Through the song's downtempo pace, the band is able to take their time and serenade us with the soul and passion this song exudes. Not to mention the song's lyrical story surrounding the memories of a past lover when the days didn't seem so dull, we can't help but feel our hearts break after taking one simple listen. 

"The Darkest Part" reminds listeners that distance is now a universal feeling, all while Cold Engines pushes a saddening story of love and loss, which inevitably encourages listeners to live in the moment, whatever that may be. 

We're lost in the dreamy and soothing atmosphere within your single "The Darkest Part." Did one sole event inspire the song, or was it a collective inspiration deriving from the world's state?

The Darkest Part is a very important piece to the new record coming out in January. The album is a fully realized rock opera based on the 80’s sci-fi masterpiece Total Recall. The song represents a moment where the protagonist laments in his longing to be with the woman of his dreams even though his life has gone off the rails.

Could you take us through your band's songwriting process for "The Darkest Part"? How did you split the process, and was there any message that you wanted to stand out within the track?

This track just kind of spilled out once the outline of the story was established in our writing process. We knew the film was very dynamic and the flow of the record had to be a real emotive journey. The message within the track is certainly that of longing.

Seeing as your band is known for your Retro-Wave, Power-Pop, and melodic Rock sound, why did you want to fuel your song "The Darkest Part" with Country/Blues and Folk-Rock instrumentals?

Much like the movie, the record is a rollercoaster ride of genre-bending action and dynamics. We have always had a few singer/songwriter songs on each album and it’s in our wheelhouse for sure. 

Why did you want to release "The Darkest Part" prior to your forthcoming album "The Last Resort"? How does your single pave the way for your album to follow?

The songs we chose to release leading up to the full record launch were meant to showcase the variety and dynamics of the album as a whole. The Darkest Part is simply the first of the more emotive slow-burners within.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

At this point, inspiration is hard to find but within our friendship of the band, there is a need and desire to create even through the toughest of times. Sometimes that friendship alone is enough to keep one moving forward. As far as what the future holds creatively, we’ve just finished a record for a summer release after this album comes out in its entirety on Jan.1st, 2021.



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