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Cold Engines Takes Us On Emotional Walk Through New Album “Flower Covered Hills – The Final Chapter"

The Boston outfit invites you on an enchanting musical journey.

Rising from the ashes of The Brew, Boston’s Cold Engines is a melody-driven rock project that burst onto the scene in 2015 and never looked back.

Drawing influence from timeless acts like The Police, Queen, and The Smiths, they’ve managed the difficult balancing act of marrying classic influences with modern production, lending a contemporary edge to their releases that are as refreshing as it is compelling.

Having made it their mission to capture the urgency and catchiness of the golden era of pop music, their new album promises to be a blast from the past in the best way possible.

One thing about Cold Engines is that they know how to put on a show. After their initial ascent in 2015, they went on a prolific run of 15 releases and over 140 annual shows, supporting respected acts like Los Lobos, Bobby Keyes, and Blues Traveler.

Their dedication to their artistic ideals comes through every release, making any Cold Engines project distinct and appealing. Their talent has been noticed by their peers, too; they’ve been nominated for “Rock Band Of The Year” in both 2016 and 2022, as well as “Song Of The Year” and “Album Of The Year” at the New England Music Awards. Having shown no signs of slowing down, these veterans of the scenes will be pumping out hits for a long time.

The aptly named “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter” is Cold Engine’s latest project. It’s many things; polished, vintage, and sonically appealing, but Cold Engine’s ability to capture the tangled intricacies of emotion and tie them cohesively on this album makes it stand out the most.

The “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter” feels like a late afternoon foray during the fall. At times warm, at times a little chillier, the tone of the album maintains the feeling of an ebbing tide for the first half, as more upbeat or vibrant offerings like the opening song “Roaming Again” and “Saving Grace” are followed by the comparatively more melancholy “Lifted” and “Find Each Other.”

That isn’t to say that Cold Engines remains down in the dumps, though, as on releases like “Lifted,” although the tone is slightly melancholy, there’s the feeling that life will go on and good times may still be ahead. On the 5th track, “The Painting,” it feels like we turn on a corner, as although the instrumentals remain a little more upbeat, lines like “Every step feels like the deep end” and “Sometimes I stand there, and I start to stare / Until I feel so blue” hint at a more melancholy resolution. This continues as the mellow, gentle sympathies of “Clouds” give way to features like the tender piano instrumentals and vocals of “Farewell.”

On the album's closing single, “Daydream,” Cold Engines gently and peacefully concludes the album. There’s the distinct feeling of a dream coming to an end or the sun setting on this adventure, but a distinct feeling of lingering peace and satisfaction is left.

Cold Engine’s newly released album “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter” is an easily enjoyable offering that takes us down memory lane in the best way possible. Feeling at times like a serene dream, this release may be called “The Final Chapter,” but we’re hoping there will be much more to come from these standout musicians. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Cold Engine’s new album, “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter,” now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cold Engines! We loved your new album “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter”! We wanted to ask, where did the inspiration for this album come from? Could you tell us the inspiration behind the name too?

Thank you for inquiring! The inspiration came from us building this sort of musical dream world through the last two LPs. We wanted to do something very acoustic and otherworldly. After chapter two was completed, we wrote and recorded the final chapter pulling from the musical vein of the previous two records and reflecting on the last six months between chapter two and this, the final chapter. These albums have been a departure for us, being a complete full-length trilogy and leaning into our strengths outside of electric instruments. The name of the trilogy Flower Covered Hills, just felt like a beautiful image of peace and wonder.

What was your favorite part about bringing the vision for “Flower Covered Hills - The Final Chapter” to life?

Writing is always a fun part. It feels like opening a window and letting the subconscious freely float into the room. From there, we grab the goods inside our hearts and minds and channel them into the most honest songs we can with little to no editing. Our best friend and magical engineer, Tim Phillips, mixes and masters our records, and hearing his mixes is one of the best parts! Getting to play music with my best friends is truly the greatest gift. The band on this record is Aaron Zaroulis on drums, Geoff Pilkington on percussion, Adam Saylor on bass, and Seth Campbell on keys. There are usually a few guest stars, and the process of combining everyone’s ideas and passion is the biggest reward. Love is our driving force.

Do you have any favorites on this album? Also, for anyone aiming to follow in your footsteps, what quality is most important for a successful artist?

I love the song Clouds from this record. It had a potent vibe and felt strong as it flowed out. This trilogy is very cinematic, and that song has a fantastic time and place to its sound. As far as a quality for a successful artist to have, the only thing I can think of is defining your success and having fun.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I usually don’t describe our music because too many records swing wildly from prog, metal, instrumental, singer/songwriter, retro wave, rock, R&B, funk, and a bunch of stuff in between. This trilogy is undoubtedly on the psychedelic folk side of our discography and was an accident in so many ways. We never really set out to make anything particular. We kind of stay open to what needs to come out artistically.

What’s next for Cold Engines? Can we expect to see any performances soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Yes, we are playing a bunch, and we are a tight-knit group of friends who play together in a couple of bands and love each other a lot. As always, we hope our art helps people feel less alone and move them in whatever way possible.


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