Coldswell Brings On A Heavy Hitter With Void Calls

Every once in a while you hear a song you could swear you've heard somewhere before. Coldswell's Void Calls LP is actually loaded with songs like this. The reason is mainly that these guys have a particular radio rock sound. Songs you actually could hear on your cities major rock radio station. The album gives you the feeling you had listening to your favorite alternative rock bands growing up and then brings in some more current style as well. This isn't easy to do. Most of the tracks from the record are passionate, emotionally driven, and pack a heavy melodic punch. 

You can hear the swelling and swaying of these emotions as you listen through the album. Songs like "Upsidedown" are evidence of darker grunge-like influence while others like "Headstraight" are more built for today's radio rock arena. 

Sit back, and let the sonic waves of Coldswell's alternative rock wash over you. You deserve it. Check this record out here.