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Cole De Makes Her Debut With the Fervently Charged "Just Say It"

An up and coming artist straight out of Dallas, Texas, Cole De is first and foremost a songwriter although her musical talent is sure to catch your attention equally.

Her belief that music means freedom is evident in her sound, and so too is the rawness that accompanies the realization that the listener can share in the pain of the writer, all the while grooving to musical expression underneath. With a smooth and silky layer of vocals that fit into the scheme of jazz-infused R&B, with traces of Hip-hop, this is merely the beginning of what to expect.

Complementing her irrefutable soundscapes through instrumentation chalked full of sustaining guitar riffs, the debut single “Just Say It,” pours out of Cole De like second nature. As her pacifying tenors leap through the speakers in order to cascade with a buttery foundation of musicality, there’s effortless ease that drips from her reverberated timbres, as her vocalization shakes you to your core.

Her lyricism is remarkably mature as we take a closer listen to the narrative she delves herself into. Bringing up themes of unspoken words in a relationship, we clasp onto the relevant storyline in a way that relates us to our past experiences. Cole Demakes the listening process intimate, and graceful as each lyrical motif she echoes has us depicting the vivid imagery that naturally flows from her enactment of vulnerability in “Just Say It.” Playing upon the honest emotion of her lived familiarities, Cole De takes us into her control as the delicate sentiments exuded has us lingering on the sequence of prevailing timbres she is making herself known for.

With “Just Say It,” debuting the versatility and exposed depth that Cole De portrays, we’re thrilled to have her on our radar of emerging finds that need to be heard immediately.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cole De, and congratulations on the debut release of “Just Say It.” With this being your first single release, we love the vulnerability that you expose to us. How did you know that this song would be your debut in music?

I had no choice, I was a theatre teacher before I released my single, and I actually wrote this song for a hip hop remix to a Shakespearean play. The two lead actors were arguing and when I walked past she told him "If you miss me just say that." And I told my teacher friend "these kids are too grown" but it stuck with me, and I put it in a song. My students that wanted to sing it, didn't have an idea of what I needed it to sound like so I created a small recording studio in a practice booth in the choir room and recorded it quickly, and didn't think twice about it. Well, when I played it for my students one, in particular, encouraged me to release the song. He kept saying "I need to hear this on the radio." After that, colleagues, friends, family, and other students lol. I took that jump for him, he knew it would be my debut song.

You have such a way with your words that allow for this song to jump out at us. Was there a particular moment that shaped the sounds we hear on “Just Say It?"

The creative ProdbyDior actually went crazy on this. He could probably answer that better than I can. But whatever source he used to form the sounds, help structured the words and I’m forever grateful.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that you have come to fall into?

I haven't quite found the words to describe it, so I can't share it with you just yet. But when I know I’ll be able to speak on it.

What is your mission statement as an artist? What do you hope that your audience can take away from your music?

I want to take you to a place you used to love. And when you hear my music you’ll get what I’m saying. I miss the old love songs and r&b I grew up on. I’m not writing the same but definitely paying homage. I wrote Just Say It with one thing in mind. & I told that to no one. So when they say it to me. I know my mission was accomplished.

What's next for you?

I’m going to release another single, and my EP will be released on Nov 11, 2021. 11/11. Also as I said earlier I used to be a theatre teacher, what’s next is filming, writing, and directing my own works and for others as well.


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