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Coleman.X Spills His Guts in “Secrets”

From Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter and producer Coleman.X tells us all his dirty little "Secrets" in his latest gripping single.

Using pop music to escape the culture he was stuck in, Coleman.X learned his way around electronic production at 15 and decided to head out to Nashville. From there, he's played iconic venues like Mercy Lounge and Lipstick Lounge. The queer artist also played Nashville Pride and was featured in the South by Southwest headlining film, Alone Together.

Coleman.X's newest single, "Secrets," is a sparkling and vibrant electro-pop experience that blasts through our speakers with passion and profound emotion. Although the sonics are thrilling enough to bump in any club, Coleman.X's lyrics are incredibly emotional, making it easy for anyone who's experienced love to relate.

Expanding on "Secrets," the tune kicks off with choir-like vocal chops that haunt our speakers from left to right. As Coleman.X's bright vocals leap through our speakers, he passionately expresses those moments where he'd rather not know what an ex is up to and who they're spending the night with, all while looking for something to take the edge off.

There's boundless emotion in this single, but there's also a bang-up groove thanks to Coleman.X's rounded production that gets our hips moving and toes tapping. The thick bass line and modern synth-pop vibe offer a sense of balance, but Coleman.X's verses are what tug on our heartstrings with his heartbreakingly relatable themes.

There's so much to experience in Coleman.X's new single. Whether you want to head to the club or need a modern ballad you can relate to, "Secrets" has something for everyone. Find Coleman.X's brilliant new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Coleman.X. What a dynamic and engaging listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Secrets." Where did you find the inspiration to create this emotional yet vibrant song?

Thank you so much! I had just gone through my first heartbreak ever, and I was devastated but had just left a horrible 3-year-long depressive state. I refused to let myself be sad in any capacity, so I coped in a lot of unhealthy ways. When the heartbreak finally caught up to me, I was hit with this wave of regret and guilt for putting this person I still loved very much through that alone. I was spiraling and did the only thing I know to do to ground myself- make a song about it!

Speaking of the vibrant atmosphere in "Secrets," why did you want to be rather upbeat and exciting, considering your lyrics are incredibly emotional?

I am a huge fan of these “crying in the club”-Esq tracks; going out dancing is a huge distraction for me, so I love making depressing songs that you can blast in the club and at the same time be like, “damn.” Combining the best distraction with whatever you need a distraction from is a powerful form of healing.

What was your experience writing your emotional lyrics for "Secrets?" Did you face any personal challenges or obstacles?

I was smoking weed all day and drinking all the time, my body was deteriorating, my mental health had plummeted, and writing about these issues made them real. I was forced to admit to myself that I was not ok again. It was also kinda weird for me because I had the thought process of “How can I make a catchy ass hook while still singing about the fucked up shit I’m dealing with? How can I make this pop song about heartbreak and substance abuse that’s got a four on the floor?”

Aside from those challenges, what did you get out of creating "Secrets?" What was your favorite part of the experience?

Not to be corny, but this song really healed me in many ways. Performing this song around Nashville since I wrote it has really helped me move on from the situation. Like, yea I can get up on stage with a Versace crop top and shake my ass while singing about my depressive tendencies and substance abuse- it’s a very liberating feeling.

What's next for you?

A lot of growing, I hope! I have a remix of ‘secrets’ coming out at the beginning of august done by my friend Glitch Gum, then my debut album in the fall. I’ve been working on it for 3 years now, and I’m super excited for the world to see what I got up my sleeve.


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