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Collect Your Thoughts and Reminisce on Your Favourite "Memory"

Essosa is a 19-year old singer, songwriter, and dancer based out of London. Fresh off of the release of her second single from her forthcoming debut EP, we get to sink into the soothing sounds of “Memory.”

Enlisting production architect Thibaut Hucker in order to create a realm of intoxicating melodies, the two creatives join forces to emit a bedroom Pop essence that treads in a theme of summer love leading to eventual heartbreak. Delicate sounds play into the airy synths that dawdle in the head-in-the-clouds cosmos crafted by Essosa’s striking vocalization.

Delving into a thorough display of realism accompanied by gripping emotion, the brilliant intervals that radiate between each note allow the words that Essosa performs to sink into our minds. The imagery that she illustrates is remarkable. We immediately float into an ethereal atmosphere that sends golden hues of harmonies to beam down upon our head tops.

As we bask in the robust timbres that come from the reverberated vigor conveyed, we come to the realization that the structure of “Memory” is formed in the way that memory would linger in your mind. Distant, with echoes ricocheting from thought to thought as you’re encouraged to recollect your feelings and comprehend that is all you have left to savor the moments you spent together, we discover ourselves placing “Memory” on repeat as we swirl in the essence of Essosa and grasp on to her artistic versatility. Combining her talents with Thibaut Hucker; this duo has us immersed in all of the mesmerizing vibrations to come.

Congratulations on the release of your second single from your forthcoming EP. The sound of “Memory,” flows organically as you exude your talents. Was there a specific moment or story that shaped this song?

Thank you guys so much! And to be totally honest, there was. The song was not based on a personal experience, but I remember being with my friend in Burger King and talking about her boyfriend. She expressed some anxiety to me about being unsure about their futures together because they were going to universities in different parts of the country, but that they didn't have any plans for the future and didn't want to talk or think about it. They eventually broke up, but the conversation stuck with me for some reason, and when Thibaut sent me the track for this song, it sounded like the perfect time for me to put this idea down in the form of a song.

Could you please share what it was like working with Thibaut Hucker in order to create this glorious soundscape? How did the collaboration come to be?

I and Thibaut have been working together for just over a year now and I am super grateful for his existence haha! We just bonded over the similar artists and sounds we liked, especially Kali Uchis. A lot of people who heard this track could hear the influence quite well which was funny. I love being able to give a tribute to artists who I admire and respect.

As an artist, there is a message that one’s talents convey. For you, what is the message that you send to your listeners through your music?

I mean, I'm only on my second song but I would love for my listeners to feel like they can be open and honest through art and to not be afraid to find inspiration through the things around them. Not all of my songs are based on personal experience but I think it's a beautiful thing how someone can turn a brief girl's talk in Burger King into something as tangible as art. I would encourage others to do the same!

What can you tell your audience about your forthcoming EP? We are so excited to hear the full body of work.

Ahhhh. This is so exciting! Honestly, the EP is a really cohesive piece of work that I am super proud of. It is full of dreamy bedroom-pop/alternative R'n'B vibes and the lyrics cover themes of heartbreak, ambition, and other things. It will be out very soon and I am so excited for everyone to hear.



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