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Collective Of Rappers Release Hype Single “BankRoll”

Coming with a hype vibe song to give everyone the energy we need, Jamez Bandz, Nato, FinesseXan, and Fvrzy came through with their newest hit “Bankroll”.  Bankroll is the perfect song to have a good time with your friends and just enjoy the sounds of good rap music and the companionship with good people.

“Bankroll” is a flashy song. It’s one of those rap songs that flexes about the jewels, cash, and the life we all want to live! It’s a dope song and serves as a whole mood. What I loved most about this record was how they all had something different to bring to the song. Each rapper has his own style, flow, and delivery to collide with one another and still find balance in creating a union. They all have a moment to shine in the song, and each verse completely differentiates itself from the next verse. The hook was catchy and addictive and we can see many people repeating the lyrics and the infectious melody of the song. “Bankroll” has a certain swag to it that has you feeling yourself and way more confident. You just naturally turn into somebody more self-assured while listening and it’s a magical feeling!

Give a listen to "Bankroll" here, and keep scrolling for the groups exclusive interview!

Hello! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start making music?

We are music artists;Nato, James Bandz, and Fvrzy from Chattanooga,Tn. We are Hip-Hop artist working to expand our brand to reach a successful level and make an impact to our community. Music has always been something that kept a spark going with our connection with each other, we started making music as a hobby an doing what we enjoyed doing. We have that same energy now just trying to share with the world. 

Tell us about “Bankroll” and the meaning behind it?

Bankroll is a hype song that get you in the right vibe to have a great start to your day.  

The meaning is a lifestyle that comes with how we live, and can contribute to other people who have similar passion and always chasing a bankroll, and telling throughout the song challenges we face with music it doesn’t happen over night it’s a grind you put into it. As well as knowing what type of crowd we want to capture we know this song will be a good vibe in a concert to make people energy go up.

What inspired you to write “Bankroll”?

What really inspired us is nowadays in music with so many different genres and vibes. Before creating a song you must know what type of crowd you want to attract with the song, and that goes along with the beat instrument what vibe does that have and we picture paint bankroll to be the song for big crowds to enjoy live. Which that gave artist (Nato) to come up with a great catchy vibe hook to catch listeners attention, as FinesseXan, James Bandz, and Fvrzy uses their verse to boost the attention of the listeners by using that chance to go into explaining a lifestyle.

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Bankroll” and how did you overcome?

We didn’t really come across any challenges in the process of creating bankroll, if anything was complex about the process it was just getting the mixing part to reach the sound we wanted to reach for this project. 

What’s next for you?

We’re in the process of really just trying to spread our name from city to city to attract fans and continue to just keep growing, and learning more in the works of becoming better artist.


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