Collision Course Has You Running to the Amplified Sounds of, "Crawl"

Vancouver-based rockers Collision Course, is back with yet another raucous and vibrant single in, “Crawl.” High voltage outpourings of modern Rock, is what Collision Course prides itself on. Flooding your sound waves with explosive elements of grit and grunge, their new-age Rock resonance fuels the music we know and admire them for.

Diving into the full-fledged masterpiece of their latest headbanger, “Crawl,” this heavy hitter rips through your speakers in an unapologetic soundscape of Rock essence. Following their virtuosity in an embellished formula of perfectly timed percussion, discordant guitar riffs, and a thunderous bassline, you have the confidently articulated foundation for the unforgiving voice of frontman, Anton Schindler to rumble deep bellows from within.

“Crawl,” was composed at a time when the energetic frontman realized that life’s greatest highs came to him during the performance aspect of his musical career. Capturing the throttling currents that surge through Collision Course as a collective, “Crawl,” became the breeding ground for the exhilarating rush associated with the musical goodness they create.

As you venture through a sonic joy ride of carefully crafted verses dipped in abstract detail, you reach the mesmerizing hook destination that Collision Course has a knack for bringing home with each release.

The angst proclaimed makes it so we feel the upwelling of vitality that the group emits, as we get dressed in an edgy façade to roar right back at them. As they usher their audience in with yet another colossal performance, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for these rockers next. We urge you to keep the fire going and check them out for yourself.

It’s always a pleasure when we get to catch up with you, Collision Course, welcome back to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of, “Crawl.” With you being inspired by high-energy performances, what does the lyrical content stem from in the messaging of this track?

Funny story actually, Anton wrote the song after taking some hallucinogens and being disappointed it didn't compare to the feeling he got from playing music! Throw in a couple of re-workings of lines and that's how you got those lyrics!

Your creative process always seems to wow us here at BuzzMusic. Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning together the ultimate ambiance of, “Crawl?"

It was really rad actually, we were in the studio for the first time as a group when we recorded the songs, so we genuinely experienced something new and immediately had a blast with it. It was insane how quickly we got dialed into a good workflow and groove, and it helped us realize how well we jive together and how hard we are all willing to work when it's time to throw down. Mixing that with all the crazy gear at the beat lab studio felt like a dream.

Now, we hear that there is a music video for, “Crawl,” which is set to be released soon! What was it like putting together the vision for this video? Did it turn out the way that you have envisioned?

There is! It debuts on Vevo on March 5th and it was pretty wild! We honestly kind of went into it with the warehouse location in mind but absolutely no further plan. Originally we were considering dressing up in swat gear and dragging Anton around in a straitjacket. Ended up ditching the swat idea and just let Anton to his own devices to wreak havoc in the jacket - there were even a couple of takes where he slammed his head against a door and almost got a concussion! It turned out better than we thought, hoping the take made it into the video! We can't thank everyone enough for working on the shoot with us.

All in all, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from your message as a band?

Overall, we want our listeners to enjoy and get hyped up by the energy we put into our songs. We aren't exactly making music that is getting the most radio plays, we're making music for the people like us who still enjoy this genre and style can't get enough of it. Our music is everything we've lived, breathed, bled for, and sweat for as a band, and if our audience can feel that, recognize it and use it to make themselves feel good? We've done our due diligence.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

We know it's tiring rhetoric to listen to and talk about at this point, but we can all say that since the pandemic hit, we've taken a lot of time to reflect on what's important to us, who's important, and how to move forward in this sea of uncertainty we're still swimming through. Being able to take the time to carefully plan our every move has proven a challenge, and solving that problem - utilizing our skillsets to do what we need to do - is like a daily grind that we don't want to stop. Wanting to come out of this situation on top, making the best of what we currently have, and putting out content with a smile on our faces knowing we still have so many people supporting what we're doing helps us keep rocking and makes it worth it, you know?