Combining the Best Elements of Funk and Soul, “Definitely” by Janockeil

Janockeil is a Dallas-based singer/songwriter, who began his incredible music career as a gospel singer at 12 years old. Later transcending his sound intro a spectacular blend of gospel, R&B, soul, and pop, Janockeil is an artist that is swiftly on the rise.

“Definitely” is straight to the point and direct. You can feel the passion throughout the song in his soulful lyrics. Blending soulful pop tones with meandering R&B progressions, resulting in an ultimately creative aura that stylishly walks the line between R&B dance vibes and something a little closer to pop, the single moves to the beat of its own drum. Janockeil drives with a sense of intention and plenty of space. The soundscape on this leans partly towards those late-night vibes, but partly resides somewhere a little harder hitting. By the time the track comes to an end, the backbeat has energized the room and the hook has softly, but surely woven its way into your ear. “Definitely” puts Janockeil’s heart on display. Everything about the delivery and the structure of the track works hard to reflect that. And don't worry - there’s plenty more music to come from Janockeil as he's prepares to release his third EP in 2020. So stay tuned! Listen to “Definitely” on streaming services here and keep scrolling for our interview!

Hey Janockeil! How has the music world been treating you so far throughout 2019?

Hello Buzz Music! It's been great thus far! I released my second EP, After, this past Spring and I just released my brand new song, Definitely. I'm in a great space creatively and I'm very happy about the music I've been making as a singer and songwriter. 

We immediately found that “Definitely” captured an alluring melody with so many different elements! It's what caught, and ultimately kept our attention! What was the overall mood you wanted to set for listeners in this particular track?

First of all, thank you so much for that! First and foremost, melody drives everything for me when I'm writing. The beat was so alluring itself that it immediately led me to that feeling of falling in love and that's where the inspiration came from. The song has a feel-good, chilled vibe to it that I wanted to capture that same feeling melodically and lyrically. 

How did the songwriting and recording process execute for “Definitely”? Did you fall into any creative slumps while initially writing the track, or does the curation process flow naturally for you?

Well, I started writing the song around the beginning of the year while I was writing and recording my second EP. The melody came to me pretty quickly and naturally. Typically, when I'm writing, the melody comes first and then the lyrics come secondary, sometimes they'll occur simultaneously. I was going to include it on the project but I felt that stylistically, it didn't flow well with the ultimate sound of the EP, so I saved it. I always knew that I was going to come back and finish writing the rest of the song, so after the release of the After EP, I went back to the song and now we have Definitely. The song completely stands on its own and I was so eager to release it. It pretty much set the precedent for my next project. 

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics within your new release “Definitely”.

Lyrically, it's about love, falling in love, knowing the exact moment you fell in love. Love is such a universal language and I think everyone at some point in their lives can relate to that word and all that it entails, so it was definitely an easy topic to write about. 

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Tell our readers more about your definitive aspirations as an artist! What would you say is the ultimate goal, artistic wise?

First of all, thank you so much Buzz Music! I'm very grateful to have this chance to give people more of an insight into who I am as an artist. I'm all about the music and the art, and nothing makes me happier than singing and writing and playing. My ultimate goal is to perform all over the world, whether it be at the Grammys or music festivals. My dreams are limitless and I want to reach as many people as I can and be of service through my words, my music, and my voice. If one person is touched or moved by anything that I do musically, then I'm on the right path. This is my gift, this is my love, and this is my life!