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Come "Back to Life," With the Resurrecting Sounds of Cassa

Cassa is a popular singer, songwriter, and dancer hailing from Rwanda. He is known for opening a path to a whole new generation of Rwandese artists and enabling a new sound to emerge on the East African music scene.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, he has quickly gained a following in the Afrobeats and Afro Caribbean scene with his spectacular stage performances alongside a seven-piece band and unique sense of fashion.

Delivering his most recent single in a manner that has us swooning over Cassa’s luscious timbres, “Back to Life” brings forth an ultra-smooth exhibition of the skill set that he has locked into his musical repertoire.

Through the brilliant execution of background vocal harmonies propelling a needed sense of desire and passion, the undeniable croons of Cassa depict where his heart lies. Indulging listeners in a consistent flow of overflowing effervescence, the beauty that is etched into his lyrical motifs has us awestruck with words like, ‘yeah, you bring me back to life,’ laced into the repetition factor.

Admiring the sweet sounds of the instrumentation taking on a jazz-infused twist through a Caribbean-inspired foundation, the structure of the musical elements allows the vocal performance of Cassa to resonate on a spectrum that thrives off of focus and intimacy. Making his mark on the Canadian music scene, it’s refreshing to hear such an unalloyed virtuoso grace your speakers for an all-out immersive experience of bliss.

Reiterating poignant themes that have us hanging onto the edge of our seats, Cassa is a force to be reckoned with as he continues to make waves with the original creations and atmospheric realms he casts out.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cassa, and congratulations on the beautiful sounds of “Back to Life.” With a record that holds such an intimate theme, how did it feel dipping into the creative process to bring this vision to life?

Thank you so much. It was really a team/community effort, my friend Lewolf produced the beat, and I instantly felt the lyrics coming to me like the music was whispering the words in my ears, next my friend Stuart Brignell arranged the horn parts and played the sax solo too, the rest of the horn section was picked up by my friends Joseph Callender and Nic Weaver, my buddy Shane Free played the guitars and each one of these people are musical geniuses that I admire so much, but also really care for as close friends. So it was really a labor of love in the middle of a pandemic, and the results made us all proud.

Compared to previously released songs in your music catalog, how does “Back to Life,” hold up in terms of the messaging and resonance that you send out?

I am a storyteller kinda songwriter, my writing style and artistry always evolve with each song I release, and back to life being my latest single, it is really a reflection of where I am as an ever-growing artist. The messaging being of love, gratitude, and appreciation is consistent with my brand, the music, however, was definitely a step up, just because of all the talents that took part in making it what it is, and giving me the blueprint of what my sound would be going forward.

Being a natural-born performer, how do you compare your artistic process of recording and performing?

My recording and performing processes are pretty different. I am really an old school type of artist, I was mentored by old-school musicians that taught me that there's is a work and not so fun side of music, and that is the recording process, because this is a time I really immerse myself in the song, and literally stop at nothing to make sure every word, every note, every harmony is just perfect, and that can mean re-recording everything multiple times, as many times as it takes to achieve perfection. And then there's the fun side of it all, and that's the stage! This is where I really go wild and make my audience really pick on my energy as I pick on theirs, and I hold nothing back letting my personality express itself.

How do you allow your musical and non-musical influences to speak into the music that you create?

It's really a healthy balance of both. I like to write relatable stories, so it is heavily Influenced by just everyday life. And being an artist that is mostly surrounded by a community of artists I admire, my musical and nonmusical influences are kinda intertwined and one begins where the other ends and vice versa.

What's next for you?

I am working on a six-song EP, due to be released by the end of summer, just fine-tuning a thing or two and it should be released within the next couple of months. I am currently working on my next single from the EP, and plotting the visuals with my artistic director Mustbefaby, and it is just the right/perfect follow-up to back to life.

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