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Come Get A Dose Of Indie Pop Rock with The Summit

With a massive album release, The Summit gives us a lot to listen to. A ton of vocal hooks, and out of it all, our favorite is easily a track called "The Shelf". The song just sucks you in with its acoustic pop groove and really lets you jam out. Soul injected classic rock that feels like you know the song before you get to the chorus. But once you get to that chorus it only gets better and better. So much love and life exist within the album entitled The Def Cat LP. 

With an absolute megaton of vocal and instrumental power, this LP is for listeners and musicians alike. Some may like "Beach Side Girl" with it's a loose and mellow appeal. Others may like the floaty and jazzy style of "Your Gold Ain't Super". Funk, soul, and more funk on that one. 

There seems to be plenty to go around with this album. Enough for literally anyone with a love for real music. See for yourself here


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