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Come Join Us As We Tap Into Angel Dweh's New Hit Single, "Pick On Me"

Angel Dweh, is a radio award-nominated Liberian-American singer, recording artist, songwriter, composer, dancer, and actor. He was born in Monrovia, Liberia to Liberian parents, and later immigrated to the United States to fulfill his dream of music. His effervescent music embodies a truly unique sound mix of multiple genres like Pop, Afropop/Afrobeat, and R&B. It represents his personality and his home country of Liberia. Angel’s distinctive vocal style in the Afropop/Afrobeats music genre has earned him the title of “Afro-Prince.”

He emerged in 2020 with a number of hit singles that caught local and international attention. Angel didn't stop there after receiving an 'Artist of the month' nomination & ranking Top 3 on Hot TV. His first official performance happened in July 2021 in Lancaster and hosted a Liberian independence day concert as well that month. As he received all the recognition, "Frontrvnners" a Canadian clothing brand, discovered Angel on Instagram and signed him as one the company's youngest brand ambassadors.

As we press play on Angel's new single "Pick On Me," we discovered a vibe-filled record with the most addictive hook to it. The message he brings across speaks volumes, with catchy lyrics and fun, uptempo production that completes the record completely. He talks about how people didn't believe in him and how they always had something to say whether good or bad. With summer coming this is the perfect record to vibe to while taking a slow drive or pulling up to the club.

We can't wait to hear what's next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Angel, we are so thrilled to have you here. Your single "Pick On Me" is such a vibe, what inspired you to create it, and what are your usual creative processes for writing records? Thank you once again BuzzMusic for taking the time to review my new single of 2022, P.O.M (Pick On Me). I wrote this single in response to questions that followers asked about why I hadn't produced any new music since the release of my EP "I Am AngelDweh" in May of 2021. Some people even thought I was done with music and were rather critical of me. Truth be told I had to step away from producing new content for a while to better myself and my financial position by joining the Pennsylvania National Guard. At first, I didn't think it would be this hard being away from performing and the stage this long and that I didn't need to explain what was happening in my personal life. I wanted to pretend like it wasn't going to be that long or that big of a deal. I left without any tweet or post about my plans. I realize now that it is important to keep my fan base informed so that they can be supportive. I am excited to report that I graduated from Basic Combat Training and will be finished with Advanced Individual Training (AIT) later this spring. I am eager to get back to rehearsing and producing again, just as soon as I finish AIT. My team and I are also making plans for public performances beginning the summer of 2022. My creative process for producing records starts with writing my truth and telling it through music. I start with words for the message I want to share. With the help of a producer, we find a beat or vibe that matches the emotion I want to express. And then I start singing and let the music help me get in touch with what I want to say. I go with the flow of the vibe that the music creates.

With all of your successes so far, what is the one achievement that you are most proud of and why?

I am thankful for so many successes early in my career as an independent artist. A highlight from last summer is my first public performance at Tellus 360 in Lancaster, Pa in July of 2021. As a direct result of that performance, I was invited to participate in a Celebration of the Evolution of Black Music sponsored by T. H. E. M. The Collective in February of 2022. It feels great to be recognized by organizations like these for my creative work, such as songwriting, and my artistry, because it's something I work to improve every time I am working on a single or album. If I had to pick one achievement, it would be the moment that I first felt recognized as an artist. In 2020, shortly after the release of my single Salud, during an interview on the Canadian Master Class Radio station, the CEO asked me how it would feel to be nominated for Artist of the Month. I said it would be great to see my work included with the best of the show. And then he shocked me by telling me I had been nominated for artist of the Month. I felt truly blessed to be recognized as a true artist.

Growing up in Africa, how has the Liberian culture influenced your music?

Growing up in Africa is a blessing because I got the chance to experience Liberian life and culture firsthand. Every time I am creating a song, I try to include some Liberian words or phrases in my lyrics to connect to my culture and my people. I might include a word like Mokofee from Liberian English known as colloquia or perhaps some lyrics in the Krahn dialect which is my family's tribal language. I like to include traditional drum rhythms in combination with more modern sounds to create my kind of Afrobeat. It is important to me that I stay connected to my roots so that I can share the beauty of the Liberian culture with the world.

Do you have any advice for younger artists who find it hard to break away from their hometown and pursue their international dreams? What I would say to any young artist out there is to strongly believe in your voice and your sound. Being your authentic self whether you are at home or abroad is what will inspire others to understand your art and help them to believe in you as an artist. I would say focus on your artistry and not what critics think of you. Be true to yourself and your inner truth. Start building a fan base where you are and let your fan base and circle of influence grow and expand from there.

What's next for you?

Next for me is getting back on the stage this summer of 2022 and engaging my fans now that public events are safer. We want to celebrate Liberian Independence Day again this July with an even bigger event than last year. I am excited about soon having more time to work alongside Lake Village Music to create more visuals and music. As always, my long-range goal is to trip to Liberia to reconnect with my roots, perform for my Liberian fan base, and help make Liberia shine again.

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