Come to Indulge in "Your Obsession," With Dralxan-17

Based in Queens, New York, Dralxan-17 is a music producer who has composed a wide variety of genres. From Electronic to Heavy Metal, he has found that Electronic music is his favorite when creating. With love to mesh various genres, he has been part of several projects with his talents as not only a producer but a mix and mastering engineer.

Diving into the eccentric elements of the heavy-hitting “Your Obsession,” Dralxan-17 teams up with vocalists Angel Morale, and Haylee LIZ in order to fulfill the tall order of thought-provoking hues served up.

The intense musical progression wavers through peaks and valleys as the consistency of the integrity remains in place. The verse structure exudes a more tame display of vibrancy, with the energy matching the way the euphonious vocals cascade upon the artistic canvas. As soon as we dip into the intensified essence of the memorable chorus, we enter a danceable atmosphere that has us wanting to bolt out of our seats and thrive in the celebratory vigor brought forth.

Just past the halfway point, Rock n Roll elements get introduced to accompany the flamboyant synths of Electronic music as colossal drum patterns shape the overall soundscape to its final moments. While digesting “Your Obsession,” we feel liberated as we bask in a refreshing take of components that work together fluently in creating an atmospheric realm for listeners to hone into.

Dralxan-17 continues to radiate in his unique avenue of genre-defying tendencies, and for that; we can’t wait to hear what he has to offer us next.

Welcome to Buzz Music, Dralxan-17, and congratulations on the release of “Your Obsession.” The three of you work together so wonderfully, and the dynamism truly brought out the best in this song! How did this collaboration between yourself, Angel Morale, and Haylee LIZ come to be?

Thank you very much. This collaboration started when I first met Angel in 2019 on a freelancer website called Fiverr. Angel and I have been working ever since; Angel is an industry professional who has done multiple projects for various artists. When I heard her work, I knew I needed to contact her ASAP she was the only vocalist that was able to match the vocal intensity I was looking for. Haylee L.I.Z came in a bit later, I met her through her mother. I was told that her daughter was looking to get into the music industry and sing because she loves singing, so I auditioned her and next thing you know her vocals also matched Angel’s intensity and I had a breakthrough why not do a duet, Angel’s voice which matches to Lady gaga, and Haylee L.I.Z which she has more of a Madonna influence and boom we ended up with Your Obsession.

In your own words, what does “Your Obsession,” mean to you?

‘Your Obsession’ conveys a very strong message of love and respect which is important for any relationship. It talks about treating your partner with kindness and compassion, and never hurt her. I was unfortunate to grow up in a family where the father abused his own wife by hitting and mistreating her. I found out that music was my mother and my escape from that hell we went through and till this day I find that music is your freedom hence why I wrote this quote as I was growing up. I have always believed in "Dance and you will forget all of your problems”. This dance number is dedicated to all the women who are being mistreated by their partners and are basically used as a pleasure toy. I hope ‘Your Obsession’ helps them remain strong and reminds them how special they are.” Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life? What was it like working with each other in order to give this vision the proper showcase it deserves?

Your Obsession was composed in Mixcraft 9 Pro-Studio a music recording software that I love a lot. There were no samples added to this song all instruments were played by either a piano or recorded in a live studio environment. Working with Angel is amazing even though she lives in the U.K. working with her remotely is such a blessing, her work speaks for her. Working with Haylee was also a blessing, her passion for her singing is beyond excellent. What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you know who to collaborate with while keeping this statement solidified through everything you do?

I only have one mission statement to change music forever and impact people's lives with my music obviously to change their lives for good and change their perspective about music. I combine multiple genres of music and styles, for example, Your Obsession is a combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, and a few alien sounds as well. I use sounds that artists will not, which are weird sounds, alien-type sounds to make music. Hence why I want to change the music industry forever. What can we expect next from you?

I have another release coming and this one is a combination of Humans and Robots as well as preserving the alien-type sounds, I have incorporated as my signature sound.