Comforting Listeners With a Display of Vulnerability, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava Releases, "Tonight"

With a love of Nirvana, Anathema, Radiohead, Madrugada, Sivert Hoyem, Kaleo, and Manchester Orchestra and plenty of talent of their own, Cyprus-born, New Zealand-residing singer-songwriter, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava’s debut release was a long time in the making.

After honing-in on his talent as a cover artist, he found his passion for original expression and released his charismatic creations into the world as of September 2020. “Tonight,” is the accordantly strident Alternative Indie Rock fourth single released by Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava which acts as a precursor to his forthcoming debut EP.

Basking in the intimate soundscape of “Tonight,” a dimly lit glow in the instrumentation casts glimmers of mystery into the intimate setting held intact by deeply strummed acoustic guitar riffs, brooding keys trickling into the foundation, and the personally romantic timbres of Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava. Being Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava’s first ballad, the vulnerability that seeps into his creations is edgy and prevailing as he douses the composition in layers of the artistic framework.

Welcoming his signature fashion of wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava taps into this intrapersonal spectrum as he hopes to convey a relatability between himself and his audience when it comes to allowing them to feel the grippingly raw emotion poured into the musical creations before them.

Collaborating with the tantalizing production elements of Ant Tarrant, the cognizant hues that emanate from “Tonight,” are an invitation for listeners to encapsulate an affectionately resonant mindset.

Simmering on the messaging that Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava introduces to the slow-tempo single, his lyrical content captures the fruitlessness which sojourns in the wake of fragmented promises.

Tackling yet another realm of his artistic versatility, Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava has his fan base tuned in to what the highly anticipated EP will contain in terms of themes and emotions felt.

"This song was written during (and for) hours late at night when you are waiting and waiting for someone to come and you are left with empty promises." - Kyriakos Gabriel Varnava