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Coming Hard and Heavy FEENYX’s “3rd & Bream”

Formerly Beatty but now going by Feenyx. Like the actual sunbird, he recreated himself and and now he's on fire. Feenyx grew up in the Church where his Mom was an Apostle and his Dad was a Basketball Legend in the city, so it’s easy to assume he had the pressure on him. He transformed from a typical rapper in the pool of artists in Atlanta, to one of the brightest and exciting artists in the whole city. This project has been long awaited from his hometown of Charleston, WV. Since moving to Atlanta, he's stepped out of the shoes of expectations and created Feenyx and now it is really paying off for him. Now he's in Atlanta, running the streets with Freebandz, which is Future's Record Label and Feenyx plans on telling his story and won’t stop until he's captured his well deserved spot in hip hop. Sharing with us today his latest release "3rd & Bream".

Dayyyyyum! This track definitely has that Atlanta influence. I want to point out the name of the song, "3rd & Bream". I assume it's a hometown street crossing or an area he was in a lot. Either way it is really catchy. As far as the song itself I love the production. There is something about the small things in tracks that I catch and this one is this faint bell that makes a bling sound and I live for it! This track has that trap/hip-hop bounce that is definitely one that I am sure is or could be in heavy rotation on the radio and in clubs. Lyricism is on point showing his word play and ability to play around the beat. This track is definitely on the way up if it hasn't gotten there already!

Listen to "3rd & Bream" here.

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