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Conch Shows Off His Talent in New Track “Slow Dance”

Conch is a skilled vocalist that has a kaleidoscopic creative approach that is a rare find. His music is known to be striking with outstanding melodies, punchy grooves and gripping lyrics. Conch provides smooth vocals that are seamless and organic that goes hand in hand with his insightful and relatable lyrics. Conch has a flow similar to Khalid that make him the perfect artist to put on when you want to chill and kickback. His therapeutic voice gives nothing but positive vibes that can be felt throughout the entirety of his tracks.

Conch recently released a song titled “Slow Dance” that is different than most of today’s mainstream music, yet it still really delivers a comforting feeling to the listener. My favourite verse of “Slow Dance” is “So I just fall asleep beside you and I fall in love, feelin’ you, feelin’ new when I do wake up, makin’ coffee in the kitchen and you fill my cup”. What makes this part of the song special is what the lyrics symbolize. Conch is clearly singing about him being madly in love, but when you read in between the lines you may interpret “makin’ coffee in the kitchen and you fill my cup” as him not only getting his cup filled by his lover, but that she fill and completes him as an individual.

The song is upbeat and gives off a warm, bliss vibe, and I recommend adding it to your playlist here in order to fully experience Conch!

What is the meaning behind the name “Conch”?

My friend Curt google the origin of my name Conor in highschool and found that it came from the old Celtic name Conchobar. Everybody started calling me Conchobar (definitely pronouncing it incorrectly) and then eventually it shortened to Conch because that is quite a mouthful. 

What is behind the story in “Slow Dance”? Did you face any challenges while writing “Slow Dance”?

Slow Dance came super easily. Downtowndan played me the beat after a studio session and we recorded all the vocals that you hear on the final version that night. I considered going back and changing the second verse but was advised by my roommate who I previewed it to to just leave it. Typically the songs that I'm happiest with will come together the fastest. I'm not the type of artist who can work on something over long periods of time, If I don't get it done quickly then I usually won''t ever finish it which is probably something I should work on.

What makes you different from other artists?

I'm probably not different from other artists in general, I'm just trying to make music that I like listening too and I hope that other people like it too. I feel like that's the case for most artists or at least the reason people get into it in the first place. More specifically I do everything from production and songwriting to mixing and mastering so I really have my hands on every aspect of the creation process and I'm always trying to switch up sounds and blend genres. That being said, I love collaborating. Downtowndan did the beat on this track and Dunna played some of the Guitar on it as well. In the end I just want to make sure that the music I put out is a high quality as possible.

Is there anything that you want your fans to know about you and your music?

I'm going to be putting out a ton of music this year. Hopefully new songs multiple times a month and at least a couple more videos this year. I may have a show in the works in Edmonton for this summer as well. I've been singing my heart out a lot lately too so if you're listening you can expect more of that. I'll probably always rap too but that's just where I'm at right now.


Connect with Conch via the artists Instagram!


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