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Confessing His Intimate Thoughts, Lawd P Has Us Immersed in "Blood Water"

Lawd P gives fans and critics a lyrical sample of what his authenticity can bring to an industry in need of more fearless originality.

The pre-gentrified, tough streets of Brooklyn have molded Lawd P into a prolific and socially aware rapper, songwriter, and composer. Drawing on New York's finest influences such as Nas, Jay-Z, and Biggie Smalls, to the classic Soul artists they've sampled, including Ron Ayers, Curtis Mayfield, and Al Green, Lawd P taps into the elements of these music legends to create his unique sound.

Ushering his audience into the therapeutic framework that solidifies his most recent sonic and visual release, Lawd P executes an exhilarating hunger in the way he approaches the entirety of the "Blood Water" composition. You hear the fervently vulnerable tenors that power the energy inside of his spirit as the untouchable verses he takes us through have him elevated to a high standard. Lawd P is the definition of a true emcee as he finesses his lyrical dexterity in a way that stands apart from the modern Pop Rap that many of us are familiar with in the portrayal of this generation's Hip-hop.

With the cinematic component taking place inside a church, we become fixated on the imagery of pews, stained glass, and the altar, which Lawd P uses as his canvas to reiterate the truthful message that overflows from "Blood Water." The minimalistic approach to the special effects that is utilized is brilliant as it allows the intricately crafted words that adopt buttery cadences to jump out at you in a manner that heightens your senses as the imagery and soundwaves hit you. The authenticity that is dripped throughout this piece has us buoyantly meshing with the enticing drums steering the tempo of this intimate arrangement.

Allowing the main focus of the video to be on Lawd P's various angles captured by the camera, the intricate soundscape seamlessly fuses together the witty quips and familiar setting created by Lawd P. Levelling up in this grand display of Lawd P's artistic talents, as not only a lyricist but a storyteller as well, has us shook to our core in yet another theatrical performance establishing his name.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Lawd P. “Blood Water,” has us sinking into our seats as we’ve been repeatedly taking it in. Where did the inspiration for this song stem from?

Good Question, The Inspo came from the environment I grew up in. Being a product of it, I was forced to learn about the concept of mental slavery and how our traumatic experiences play a huge role in our growth. So Blood Water is a concept of Trauma. Experiences I was involved in that were out of my control due to the environment I was living in.

With one setting for the video to take place in, you managed to keep us fully attentive to the sonic and visual elements of the masterpiece. Could you please take us into what it was like filming this music video? Was that always your vision?

Filming "Blood water" was a great experience because I was able to place myself in scenery that allowed me to connect with what I wrote for the song. The church concept was a vision of mine because I felt that the song was a form of confession through my traumatic experiences living in Brooklyn. With the help of the director JV Original, The vision to shoot at the church was a concept I thought of a week before we shot the video.

Do you have any memorable moments on set or during recording that have made the release of “Blood Water,” that much more rewarding?

What's funny is that I had to control myself from cursing in the church hahaha. I made sure my engineer created a clear version...Also what made the process so rewarding is that this is the same church I was baptized in when I was 1 year old. How real is that?

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging portrayed in the music video and song for “Blood Water?"

In this song and video, I want the listeners and viewers to understand that in order for us to tap into our traumatic experiences we must be able to confront them and take accountability so we can find a way to improve ourselves for the greater good.



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