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Connect with "Satellites," in Noah's Latest Single

Based out of London, England, singer and songwriter Noah gives audiences a taste of vocal extravagance and digital synthesis in his debut single "Satellites".

As an actor and harpist, Noah flourishes with many talents yet still finds time to create and produce music in his spare time. Noah has notably had his music spun in multiple different countries and boasts an immense social media presence across several platforms.

Co-written by Joshua Barrett, in the newly released "Satellites" audiences are entrenched in deep and catchy lyricism that flows freely and harmoniously. Alongside an electronic-pop synth beat, this song has an incredibly organic feel, evoking a sense of relatedness and intrigue within the music. Noah displays enticing vocal capability, as well as the ability to digitally manipulate sounds to dynamically invigorate listeners.

A track that warrants the label of an "instant hit", the story that is portrayed offers a perspective of Noah's romantic journey in recent time, which allows listeners to find comfort while they're resonating with the lyrics.

Given the remarkable creative aptitude that Noah possesses, we expect to hear more great tunes from this marvelous artist in the very near future. Find Noah across social media platforms and join us in following along as he continues his ascension.

Thanks for sharing your amazing new single and congratulations on the release! What sort of musical influence have you had in the past that's helped you towards producing your own music? Thank you so much for promoting 'Satellites', it means the universe to me haha. While this particular record was produced by K-pop writer/producer JUUICE, I've started to go down the route of producing my own sound taking influences from Ava Max, Hannah Diamond, and the late SOPHIE. I am obsessed with PC music's hyper pop sound, I feel the artificial sound really compliments the lyrical messages of alienation that I'm trying to convey in my own music. The sound is super polished too so we do love to create those artificial soundscapes for all the internet kids. Do you have any plans on the future release of an album, or perhaps an EP that we can look forward to? YES! There is an EP in the works, I'm really excited about this one! I feel it'll just be able, to sum up, everything I've been trying to say through my music for the past three years. I'm SO EXCITED! If there was a single message that you'd like listeners to take from the song, what would that be and why? Intentionally isolating people damages them. We need to be more inclusive and come together in order to thrive and move forward as a society. Also, don't take shit from nasty exes too. Do you have any future collaborations in the works that you'd like to mention?

Ooooh...well, I'm part of a songwriting collab called 'Faded Pink' and we're doing some really awesome stuff! More details to follow. (Also Satellites is having a glossy lyric video coming shortly too!.)

What's next for you?

Global stardom hopefully haha XD I'm getting back into acting too so am pushing that side of my career as well! It's what you get for being a career-driven Capricorn with an impatient Aries moon. Thank you so much to you both for having me again on your fabulous blog, it honestly means the world - I can't wait to share all the new and exciting stuff coming soon!



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