Connie Lansberg Cools the Mood With Her Serene Jazz Single "Deep Dark Down & Blue"

American Singer/Songwriter and Author Connie Lansberg is here to impart her wise and warm words onto listeners. As an artist who puts a big emphasis on storytelling, Connie Lansberg strives to share personable and emotional narratives, full of various takeaways. Honing in on more of a jazzy ambiance, the music of Connie Lansberg feels robustly calm. There's always that element to her music that can make you feel all sorts of contrasting ways, and her recent release "Deep Dark Down & Blue" holds up to the tradition. 

Full of alluring harmonies, "Deep Dark Down & Blue" is the perfect track to show off the artistic persona of Connie. "Deep Dark Down & Blue" begins with a soft piano tune, which is almost immediately blended with the vocal sound of Connie Lansberg. The sound of Connie Lansberg can be easily heard as enriched and full of structure. Connie really shaped her vocal sound in a Broadway-type of the arrangement, which amplifies the jazzy component of the song. Once we arrive near the midway point of the song, "Deep Dark Down & Blue" tends to focus back on that delicate piano melody. We find ourselves completely lost within the tranquillity the song brings to light, almost in a daydream of sorts. For future music, we anticipate more dreamlike arrangements from Connie Lansberg! 

Discover "Deep Dark Down & Blue" by Connie Lansberg here

Hi there, Connie Lansberg! Welcome to BuzzMusic. With the release of "Deep Dark Down & Blue" you've proven the various properties of your sound to be harmonious and balanced. Were there any properties regarding the song that you didn't want to be left unnoticed amongst listeners? 

We are a jazz ensemble, and that means no one person/instrument is more important than another. We use piano, double bass, drums, and voice to craft our sound. I’m reliant on the brilliance of the musicians, Mark Fitzgibbon/piano, Ben Robertson/double bass and Danny Fischer/drums for this particular song. Each “voice” has equal billing! That’s what makes it so much fun. We have to listen to each other and adjust as we play. I write the songs, Mark helps with the chord voicings and then we have a couple of rehearsals, go into the studio and see what happens!

What was the main intent with the way you went about creating and constructing "Deep Dark Down & Blue"? Did you want to instill a certain kind of faith or energy into your listeners? 

Everything is about energy and how it communicates to us. I am adept at reading energy and manipulating it. I write with the intention of getting stagnant energy to move. Every note the band plays also moves energy. People listen to music to help change their energy whether they know it or not. I do it intentionally. Stagnant energy makes us sick. The purpose of music is two-fold. To move sluggish energy through and out of our bodies and to anchor the soul more firmly into our bodies so we can see the world as spiritual beings living a physical life.

As a music-artist who shares just as much time with being an author, do you feel the two different branches of your career aid in achieving growth within each other? Contrastingly, do you feel that being an author ever hinders your acceleration as a music-artist?

I always start with the story. We need stories to help us decipher our feelings, to give words to emotions and beliefs we cannot readily decipher. I write books, films, and songs that center around themes of hope, action, the illusion of fear, and how to fear clouds the truth. I admit, when I’m writing books, songwriting takes a back seat, but I still sing and practice singing every day. Performing is essential to my well being and I have proven to myself and can do both things. Acceleration of any artistic endeavor often depends on marketing, not time!

Where do you see yourself and your sound projects from here on out?! Is there a certain goal and/or milestone Connie Lansberg intends to reach within the near future?

The long goal is to have an album and film written for each book in the Tsera’s Gift trilogy. Book one of Tsera’s Gift-The Perfect Tear is being released along with the full album on Nov. 12 this year. The film is ready to go too! Along with that, performing here in Melbourne when we are finally out of lockdown will be first on the agenda.