Conquer "New Heights" With Waterfront's Charismatic New Release

Waterfront is a friendly group of Canadian music students who were given the opportunity to travel to Vancouver, Canada over the summer of 2020 to produce the first single and title track, “New Heights,” off of their debut EP that shares the title.

The group rose to the occasion partnering with Garrett Ward and Dan Botch of The Faceplants and The Renaissance to produce the four-song project soon after the pandemic plunged the music scene into uncertain times. The opportunity-filled Waterfront with immense gratitude and gave them invaluable guidance and insight for taking their passion for energy and guitar-filled music to brand new heights.

Surging your speakers with the spunky charisma that the only Waterfront can offer to their audience, their latest single, “New Heights,” conveys a hard-hitting essence through the in-your-face energy they effortlessly perform with. The righteous methods that scoop up the eminence production quality have you weaving through an abundance of elements that make up the bigger picture that is, “New Heights.”

Waterfront takes the title of this song and gives it immortality in this timeless piece that pulls inspiration from the Punk, Rock, and Indie genres before them. With the complexity of the instrumentation delivering a high-impact structure, we’re facing the full repercussions of the unapologetic single.

Tackling the animated soundscape of fruitful timbres, the reverberated essence plays into the roaring presentation that is sweeping your soundwaves. With each member of Waterfront coming together to produce the completion of their gusto, the vitality implemented through this edgy universe is redefining organized chaos.

Exemplifying an adrenaline-charged escapade of riveting elements we take, “New Heights,” with us to a newfound dimension of talents. As Waterfront throttles through the multifaceted articulation, they keep us on our toes with a swarm of melodies that have us raising our standards.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “New Heights.” We are exposed to so many layers in the recording. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process entailed?

We think with New Heights, in particular, we were able to come together and focus on bringing ourselves to higher standards with the opportunity we were given last year. As the pandemic began to shut down the music scene and gig economy, we became uncertain about what would happen next for us. We were very fortunate for Garrett Ward and Dan Botch of The Renaissance Music to reach out to us. They presented us with an opportunity to travel to Vancouver, Canada to produce a 4-song EP. New Heights is the first single from this project and we’re very proud to share this evolution of our band and music. Everything aligned at the perfect time to turn our newest lows into our highest highs.

What does “New Heights” personally mean to you all as a collective?

New Heights represents this period in our history that brought us together with purpose. We became motivated to push ourselves harder and further, ultimately making Waterfront our musical family. New Heights and this opportunity presented us with the biggest test of our careers and for that, we’re super grateful!

What encouraged you to make, “New Heights” your lead single and title track? Was this always the vision going into the EP?

New Heights was an easy choice for us to lead our next phase of Waterfront with. Not only have we chosen this song to also title our forthcoming EP, but as we’ve discussed, it encapsulates the entire experience we’ve had as an independent band in 2020. New Heights will forever be a musical journal entry for all of us as musicians.

Is this what listeners have in store for your forthcoming EP? What can you tell us about the highly anticipated project?

If listeners enjoy New Heights, they will be extremely pleased with the rest of what our EP will have to offer. We’re incredibly proud and eager to share these songs. New Heights is only the first step upwards for us. This EP will continue to meet and then exceed the expectations that New Heights will put forward.

What's next on deck for you guys?

What’s next? More work! We’re so happy to be able to have a lot on our plates to tackle without the gig economy still. We’re currently working through tons of content to support the forthcoming EP while we also write many more songs in preparation for a follow-up project this summer. We’re hard at work developing the next 2 years and more of Waterfront. There will always be more heights for us to reach towards together with our listeners.