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Conquer Your Search for More With Stefany Bryan's New Single

Stefany Bryan was classically trained in piano for 12 years, but it wasn't until recently that her singer-songwriter role has manifested into something outside her piano at home.

She is an LA transplant, originally from the rainy city of Seattle. Much of her artistic and creative inspiration is drawn from life struggles. Her songs tell the truth about the raw emotions of feeling sad, lonely, and heartbroken through simple melodies and honest lyrics.

Within the vivid soundscape of her most recent release “I Always Wanted More,” Stefany Bryan reveals a vulnerable spectrum of emotions that effortlessly pour from her vessel as a therapeutic release. In hopes that her fan base can relate to her in a way that connects them through soundwaves, the prominent piano chords performed make way for a statement that is best served with heartrending tenors.

The vocal performance of Stefany Bryan showcases her songwriting techniques that adapt to the use of spatial proportions in an impactful manner. You can hear the passion inserted in each word overflowing as the place it comes from reigns in authenticity. The repetition that is instilled into the instrumentation allows for the growth of this song to be predictable in a way that flourishes listeners in a sense of comfort. With Stefany Bryan’s easing timbres sweeping you into a warm blanket of tenderness, we digest the heartbreak she brings life to in the lyrical motifs offered.

Fortifying “I Always Wanted More,” with words such as ‘the time we spent together, I was floating on Cloud nine,’ leaves us interpreting the melancholy portrayed firsthand. Known for the way she makes her listeners feel emotions that you didn’t know were present, Stefany Bryan excels in her latest single.

Congratulations on the release of “I Always Wanted More.” You delve into such a delicate subject that many can relate to. Was there a specific moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

There is a specific story, but I think in general it's just about that one unicorn in your life who you will always put on a pedestal, but for whatever reason, timing, or whatnot, it would have never and will never work out with them. However, while still knowing this, you want something more from this person and you know you will never receive it. It's that idea of maybe in another life things could have worked out, but in this one, they can't.

Was there anyone you worked with to help you achieve the desired sound of this song? What was the experience like?

Well, I write and compose all my songs. My engineer, @Savlimusic, records for me, and helps me put everything together. The experience is pretty much the same with all my songs. I record in his studio and we work together on edits.

How does the release of this song compare to the release of your album? Were there similarities or differences in the process at all?

I'd say the release of this song and my album are very similar because they both stem from my experiences and feelings. Honestly, this song in particular really hit home with me, and I might say that I felt even more emotional when I wrote it than with any of my songs on the album. Something about time and the way it makes my feelings more real because the longer I experience and put effort into something, the more of a toll it takes on me mentally when I'm writing about it. I know that's being kind of ambiguous, but I guess to put it in more relatable terms: the longer time you spend with someone, relationship or not, the harder it is to let go of them.

Throughout your artistic career to date, what has been your proudest moment on this journey?

My proudest moment is probably just taking the leap and deciding to make my own music. I've had failed attempts in the past, but this time I just went all-in, and I want to continue to go all-in because nothing is holding me back. To me, that's fearless and bold and something to be proud of.

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