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Contemporary R&B Artist Juic3Boy Drops “Call On Me”

Joseph Owusu aka Juic3Boy is an authentically talented artist, songwriter and creative director hailing from Ottawa,Canada and now residing in Edmonton, Canada. Creating music for over three years now, music was a hidden talent that found him when Juic3Boy was going through a critical time of his life. Juic3Boy states that music hit him just when he needed it. He was struggling to find his passion in life and was able to thrive while creating melodies and writing songs on his own time. From there on Juic3Boy was a force to be reckoned with and others in his city noticed there was a new natural talent in him. Juic3Boy struggled to release new musical content after his first two singles because of school and personal issues. Juic3Boy explains that through the help of his older brother and his faith in God, he was able to overcome the obstacles he was facing. "Lost For Love" is a R&B/Trapsoul styled EP that features storytelling elements about the hardships and heartbreaks Juic3Boy has been faced with. It's a very deep but promising project that speaks to men and women alike, while highlighting harsh realities between the two. The 5-song project includes the stand out track "Call on Me". Juic3Boy shows an example of his soft smooth vocals on this slow record, a classic from start to finish!

“Call On Me” is a flawless R&B and brilliantly soulful hit. The smooth and deliberate backbeat and echoing synths remind me of The Weeknd’s sound, but Juic3Boy is more original than that. The melancholy and emotion in his tone takes on a striking physicality. The girl he sings about in the song is a girl he would do anything for. The emotive lyricism and flawless deliver are key points for uncovering subtle textures in his sound. He is able to paint a picture in our minds through his skilled aesthetic and layered vibes. I love this single because it’s easy to chill to but you allows you to escape into the lyrics and sound. I highly recommend checking out “Call On Me” and the entire collection of “Lost For Love” available on all major streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for Juic3Boy! 

Check out “Call On Me” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Juic3Boy! Can you talk more about the meaning behind “Call On Me”? What inspired it?

Call on Me was inspired by my trip to Toronto last winter, I came across a beautiful girl on the train and once I set my eyes on her, I felt an instant connection with her. The meaning behind the song was basically portraying the existing challenge we would have if we would want to start a relationship which was our long distance. I titled the song Call on Me because I wanted her to know if she ever needed me I was one Call away and that I would do anything for her even if it meant having a long distance relationship.

What’s the theme of your EP “Lost For Love”?

The theme of my EP is R&B/Trapsoul themed project. I created this purposely because I felt that was the best way I could share my love/heatbreak stories to listeners. I also believe that a lot of people who have heard my music before, have never seen me enter into a pocket like this, so it was definitely something new for them and a new challenge for me, because I wasn't sure how the project would be received.

Can you recall the first song you ever wrote? How would you compare it to your writing abilities now?

The first song I ever wrote was called "Underrated". Although that song impressed, I definitely would say I've grown lyrically since that time. The strong was strictly hip hop and nothing else but now I am able to write to many more styles of productions and different genres. Now I am proving my versatility with the songs I write and my melodies are proving that I am not just an hip-hop artist but an Artist with a variety of range that is still evolving. 

What are some challenges you faced while writing “Call On Me”?

I held off on Call on Me for a few months because I wanted it to be the blueprint of my EP. I knew I had the right beat to it, but I kept re-writing lyrics and changing flows until the song started hitting me the way I wanted it too. I'd say the biggest challenge was getting it finally done but once I got it done in the studio, I almost couldn't believe I created the song, I definitely put my heart and soul into it and rest was history. I was happy with the final product.

In your music career so far, what would you say your most proud of?

So far in my music career personally I'm most proud of still believing in myself. There's been difficult times for myself and as low as I get I still manage to trust God and believe in his plan for me. I obviously know its a journey but I enjoy it because it causes me to keep working hard. I am also proud to say I have inspired people through my music and made a positive difference around my community. If I had to talk about ONLY one thing I've created musically that I'm most proud of it would definitely be the "Cornerstore" video. I was able to team up with my friend and Director Ben Telford in my hometown of Ottawa and create a visual of my childhood story of my memories growing up in the hood. I'm happy I was able to do this and put smiles on the faces of the children in the community, they're what I call "our future leaders".


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