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Cool Down with Some, "Aloe Vera"

Lagoon Wavey was born and raised in Barbados. The island’s rich cultural and musical history is a huge source of inspiration heard in the creation of Lagoon Wavey’s music.

Also going by the moniker, Sir Wavey, he is not just another studio artist. He is a performer, avid writer, reader, and champion of his national art and culture.

As we tap into the smooth vibrations of his most recent single “Aloe Vera,” we’re exposed to a slow-tempo offering that delves into the depths of his musicality. Shedding divine timbres that miraculously flow into the luscious harmonies he croons, Lagoon Wavey has most certainly outdone himself in the emotion overflowing from “Aloe Vera.”

Reminiscent of a musical blend dabbling into the charisma of Khalid, and the prevailing presence of PARTYNEXTDOOR, Lagoon Wavey has managed to carve out a solidified place for himself in the soothing performances that he effortlessly embodies.

Exemplifying the highs and lows of love taking over his soul, Lagoon Wavey dissects intricate memories in his songwriting that paints vivid imagery in the soundscapes he places on display. Allowing his audience to resonate with the glorious vocalization that he uses to call out words of intimacy, Lagoon Wavey connects with us in a cherished manner.

Set to release his debut EP later this year, Lagoon Wavey has us feeling a miscellany of emotions as we gravitate towards his warm embrace. If “Aloe Vera,” is a reflection of the work to follow on his heartfelt EP to come, you can sign us up twice.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lagoon Wavey, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Aloe Vera.” What moment or story inspired the thorough creation of this song?

This is a song about women in their rawest form so I used natural entities such as aloe vera, as it's so good for the skin and hair. Its just a song expressing my love for women

What are you hoping that your listeners feel when taking in “Aloe Vera?"

I hope it can ease any stress or worries you're currently feeling, and anyone who feels down uses my music as an outlet especially if you can relate, and feel beautiful.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the recording process looked like when bringing this song to life? We can only imagine the vibes that were in the studio.

Was a huge vibe! it was my first time in such a big studio to record anything and everyone was telling jokes and laughing and drinking, was a great time.

If you could pick your favorite lyric from the track, what would it be and why?

"Whenever you're in my location, it hit me like a locomotive," I love this line because I feel as though this word is so unused and I found a pocket for it made it cool.

What's next for you?

Finishing my first album and setting up plans to travel and perform.



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