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Corey J Keeps His "Mask Up," In Profound Performance In New Music Video

Rapper and songwriter Corey J was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida. Always being surrounded by music, Corey J always felt moved by the intricacies of sound and the impact it's been able to offer in his life.

Entering the rap game by the age of thirteen, Corey J has been able to season his sound and advance his musical growth over many years to be the artist he is today. The latest release by Corey J, "Mask Up," was recently debuted with a music video you must watch.

The video for "Mask Up" is set in a cemetery with close-up visuals, with Corey J being the major focus. The intimate scene allows for viewers to see Corey J straightforwardly and keep their attention on all he has to say. Corey J let it all out in "Mask Up" by relaying the bulk of his thoughts, which turn out to be pretty profound.

Corey J expressed himself in an extremely direct manner, letting each word hold an effectual tone so that there would be a real emphasis on the content within his track. To be quite honest, Corey J's demeanor simply attracts respect and interest. He expels an energy that garners authentic allure, and the narrative he's projecting is just as intriguing as the whole setup itself.

Corey J did a good thing here with the release of "Mask Up." It opened up an opportunity for viewers to see him in a different scene and to watch him perform his ultimate craft. If his future music falls in line with how "Mask Up" was constructed, Corey J will effortlessly find success. It's safe to say that we're keeping our eyes on this rapidly advancing rap artist.

Your recent release, titled "Mask Up," was released along with a music video. Can you elaborate on what inspired you to create a video for this particular song?

Thanks for having me again, BuzzMusic! The inspiration behind the video for "Mask Up" came from the idea of life and death decisions you face daily coming from where I'm from, and with the pandemic arising, the song made sense. The music itself projected a strong message, and it's one of my favorites on the album "Real Deal True Story Part 2."

What were the main messages you were hoping to get across with the visuals chosen for the "Mask Up" video? Did anyone help you with the creative process regarding directing and producing the video or song?

The main message I wanted to get across with the visuals with "Mask Up" was that Life is short. That's why I chose the White City Cemetery In Fort Pierce, Florida. It takes you to a place of reality and understanding.

How do you feel that "Mask Up" differed from other releases from you in the past?

Yeah, I also had the help and direction from a good friend and talented cinematic videographer Matthew Tucker of "Above Hyperion Films," he brought my vision to life. His work is undeniable.

Does "Mask Up" define the current progression of where your sound is heading, or can listeners expect your future music to take on a completely different direction from "Mask Up?"

"Mask Up" differs from my other releases visual-wise by having direction & the quality of the shoot. Planning and preparation also played a significant role in this latest video. None of my previous videos had a plan; I just freestyled it most of the time.

What's next for you?

My current sound is what the world will get from me. The future has yet to come. I can only live in the moment, so what's next for me is More Music, More Content, and More Life.


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