Corey Lou & Da Village Bring on Kelvin Walters for a Jazz-infused Collaboration

Born to the land of Woodstock, TN, Corey Martin, known affectionately as Corey Lou, came into this world as a born-to-be performer.

He began his journey as an artist from the young age of five, ranging from singing the deep gospel sound of the Memphis choirs to the rugged soul riffs so well trained at the infamous STAX Music Academy, to the polished classical content worthy of Carnegie Hall stages.

Corey Lou’s work reflects a man in contemplation over life lessons, laments, and most deeply, love. Out of his desire to make meaning of these things, he takes each verse and chord as the chance to communicate a message of power with the world.

Tapping into a smooth dreamscape that’s coated with warm saxophone notes, and an infectious rhythm, Corey Lou & Da Village enlist the extraordinary flair of Kelvin Walters in order to introduce us to the inebriating jazz vibes that reside in “What We Gone Do?.”

Immediately taking control of our speakers, and the soul that protrudes through our very being, there’s a robust sound that is invigorated through the minimalistic layers of classical instruments exposed in the musical framework we’re conveyed. Offering us a refreshing take on the music of today, there’s a laid-back nostalgia that comes trickling through each note courageously performed in “What We Gone Do?.”

Corey Lou’s glorious timbres ricochet through your mind in a prominent manner that has his allure drawing you towards the compelling quintessence of his artistry and persona. The energy that he showcases through the seemingly smooth vibes takes us into a whirlwind of resonance that continues to intensify as this record progresses.