Corey V Is Here To Make Waves With His New Song, “Be Around”

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, England, 20-year old Corey V has always been passionate about music. From a young age, he has been working to refine his skill so he can create a sound of his own. Corey is all about sharing positive energy and genuine emotion in his music. Currently combining pop melodies with feelings of R&B, Corey V releases his most recent single, “Be Around” to showcase his artistry and what he’s capable of.

In Corey V’s new song, “Be Around” his voice had us intrigued from the moment he sang the first line. There is a certain rasp and character to Corey’s voice that makes him stand out. Not to mention the hook he’s written under the lyrics “I will always be around”. Simple but effective, a smooth electric piano lays down a solid foundation underneath this and provides positive energy for the rest of the song. The percussion is minimal and leaves space for his voice to shine. Corey’s new single, “Be Around”, captures all he is and is capable of as an artist. As a result, we’re waiting anxiously for what comes next from this artist.

Listen to Corey’s “Be Around” here.


Hi Corey! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We know that you’ve been passionate about music since you were very young. What do you think sparked your interest in this craft, to begin with? Did you have any influences who guided you along the way?

Hey guys, firstly I wanna say a massive Thank you for having me on for some questions and Thankyou to Kiko for hooking this all up.

But yeah since a kid I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer, whether it was acting, dancing singing, I knew this was my path, my dad got my first guitar for my 12 birthday and taught me the basics and I guess since then I knew that this was going to be my career. Don’t get me wrong you’d catch me at 5 years old at my brother's football presentation singing on the stage, haha, but this is when I knew exactly what I wanted. And in terms of influences I had and still have many, my mum is still a great inspiration in my life to this day. I think it’s very important as an artist trying to break into the industry to have people around you who inspire you to be great. It could be your favourite singer or a close relative. But they all play important roles in your path to success.

Congratulation on your new release, “Be Around”! This song provided such a fun and positive vibe for us. How did the writing process begin for this song? How did you intend for it to feel for your listeners?

So for this song we had so many different ideas, I knew from the get-go what I wanted the song to be about and how I was going to portray the characters in the situation. So the songs about you and your other half, your boyfriend/girlfriend, and both being at different stages in your life and relationship. This was song was more like a message to that person saying “you are acting different” and “things aren't the same with us as they used to be”, but to round it all up you’ll always be there for that person no matter what. Because everyone goes through phases in life and this song was sort of summing up that when you love someone you will go through all lengths to be there for them when they need you.

And for the listeners, I say the same thing for every song I’ve written. I don’t want people to sit and listen to my songs and think of the situation I’m going through as an artist. I want them to put their own situations into perspective and use the music as a guidance on how they want to feel about certain things. For example, one of my favourite songs “better now” - Post Malone. When I listen to that song I don’t think of Post Malone himself, I listen to the words and put myself as the person singing to help me deal with whatever I’ve got going on. So when I’m writing the songs I always try my absolute hardest to put myself in other people’s shoes and write of the emotions they might be feeling.

How did you develop such a personalized sound within your voice? Do you think some of this artistry has always been a part of you?

So growing up I think I always struggled with finding my sound. I love every genre of music, and that varies so much! So as a young singer trying to figure out what your own sound is was tough. Being in the band I was very limited to what I could do, you know, I couldn’t experiment with different projects because we all had to do the same thing. When I left, I had a couple of months to myself, exploring more, trying to find my purpose, and what was meant for me. Then When I decided to pick myself up and go fight for my dream that’s when I found myself. I knew instantly what I had to write, how I was going to write it, sing it, and perform it. So I think it was all about the steppingstones I had to take to achieve what I have today. But now I’m bigger better and ready to make an imprint on the music business!

What is your ultimate goal as an artist? Is this being put into place or currently worked on?

My ultimate goal now is to make amazing music, travel the world with my beautiful fiancé, and help change people’s lives the same way certain artists did for me.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Well, with the coronavirus going on at the moment I couldn’t fly out to the US on the date we planned. And as of right now I think the main thing we need to focus on as a collective is staying safe. However, this hasn’t stopped me writing new songs and getting ready to release my E.P, me, Kiko and the team have been working on some different names, logo designs but nothings finalized yet so can’t give any teasers haha. Whatever happens, I know that I’ve got an amazing team behind me that I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for them. Some great projects that are coming in the near future, positivity, and god on my side. So I know that we can achieve anything!