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Corina Is Empowering With New Single "Wasted Time"

Finally an honest account of what an unpleasant post break up looks like! Corina Seas does not sugar coat it. It’s over. You suck. I’m moving on. “Wasted Time” is full of empowering, bitter lyric’s sung by a sweet, harmonic voice. Corina smoothly belts out verses like “memories of you will leave a nasty taste”, “I can try to pretend that we’ll be friends”, and my favorite: “be a man, make a plane and get the hell out of my way.” Preach, sister! Corina’s fin-loving, down to earth style shines through on this track. “Wasted Time” is an anthem that will make you pick yourself up, brush off the past relationship debris and move on!

Corina was singing pretty much after her first few spoken words. Unlike many vocalists, Corina learned to write songs first from free-write poetry, then through freestyle rap where she discovered how to transform stories into music. Now with years of musical development behind her, Corina's an expert at crafting lyrics with passionate stories and poignant messages. Corina’s musical style can be described as a unique mixture of electro-pop and alt R&B. Corina captivates audiences on her latest track “Wasted Time”. Have a listen for yourself today and dive deeper into the musical stylings of Corina Sea.

Remember to check out "Wasted Time" on Spotify and scroll below for Corina's exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!


Congratulations on your latest single “Wasted Time”, thank you for speaking with us. What is this songs meaning to you?

This song is pretty literal, it's about dating someone that you're in love with and only pretends to love you back. I experienced this really intense relationship and the song came out of me one day and it was originally just a melody I'd sung and I thought it was going to be like a Michael Jackson type song. Definitely took a different direction once I put keys behind it and started working with Alex Rosales, but the song is just about giving up on loving someone whose feelings are reciprocated.

I found it interesting how you learned to write songs through poetry and freestyle rap and now through song. Is there one form of art you find most cathartic?

I definitely find freestyling the most cathartic whether it be rapping or singing, just improvising to me is the most soul cleansing. Maybe that and performing in general but when I freestyle, I used to tap into this place that felt rather holy and I'm not a religious person. I haven't been there in a while because I've gotten more disillusioned with life and feel that words don't really mean as much anymore as they used to, but I still get glimpses of the magic and it's my favorite experience in life. 

Is there a particular artist you would love to collaborate with? I would really love to collaborate with J.Cole or Oh Land. They're vastly different but they're both soooo good. J. Cole is a master lyricist and has really heartfelt songs and ideas that I think I could complement well. Oh Land is just magical. Her creative ideas are something i'd love to learn more from.

What influences do you take into account when you write a song?

Nothing consciously. I just try to write whatever i'm feeling, I don't really think about what the influences were until after it's written. Then I'm like "Oh this sounds like this person. Like how I did with Wasted Time actually. It wasn't until after I'd come up with the melody that I realized it was influenced by MJ's music.

What do you hope your music brings to your listeners?

I definitely hope my music brings a sense of personal accepting and joy. I want my songs to be reflective and relatable but also really catchy. That's what I'm aiming for, to make people feel things and I'm aiming for honesty. It's a work in progress but that's my goal. 


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