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Cornered Badger Takes You On A Vibe Ride With “Overseas”

Cornered Badger is an artist and producer from the rural suburb of Vancouver, BC. he always loved listening to music growing up which inspired him to begin making his own music. Although his favorite style of music to listen to is more trap heavy, he plans on branching out into other genres and sub-genres of hip-hop as well which includes R&B, West Coast and Country.

Cornered Badger released his single titled “Overseas”. “Got a bad b*tch and she’s from overseas” was the opening lyric. This lyric eventually became apart of the contagious and infectious hook we couldn’t help but give repeated listens too. Cornered Badger is an interesting artist because he represents the multiple genres he fuses together in one unique brand. The lyrics were super charismatic, with a witty approach to each punchline. Cornered Badger had a sonic verse that was both arranged lyrically and executed timely. "Overseas" intoxicates its listener but not in a negative connotation. You become hooked on the band and the music like a drug you can’t resist.

“Overseas” takes their listener into multiple different dimensions with a compelling dynamic to each variation. “OverSeas” also had a nice vibe you can catch and not want to miss! Cornered Badger did what needed to be done and they give their listener no room to catch an error! “Overseas” is a nice melodically driven hit that will skyrocket the promising career of Cornered Badger.

Listen to "Overseas" here and get to know more about Cornered Badger below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Cornered Badger! In what ways have your background and upbringing impacted your artistry?

When I was younger I took a couple of piano lessons so that really helped me with my tempo and finding rhythm. The local scene, while still being on the come up, pushes me to keep grinding because I can’t let any of them outshine me haha. My friends offer some constructive criticism when I show them my songs so that helps too. At the end of the day, it’s a team thing.

How would you describe your songwriting approach to us? What are some challenges you face in writing a song?

These days I’m trying to vibe to the beats more than cram syllables in. The wordy flow is more normal for me when I write so sometimes I have to take a step back and think, “Would people actually like this?” And more importantly, “Would I actually listen to this?” I’ve been trying to simplify my music and just make it unique. 

Let’s talk about your record “Overseas”, what was the major theme surrounding this song?

I was just feeling melancholy that day so I tried to translate that into a song. When I heard the beat, I started vibing to it. Then I showed it to Young Zaire and he loved it. All of our homies loved it too. They kept bugging me to release it so I did.

What inspired you to write “Overseas”?

My girl from overseas… These calls are getting expensive… She’s still figuring out how to FaceTime…

What’s next for you Cornered Badger?

More music and visuals for sure. Me, Grandpa Beats and Young Zaire always cooking up.


Connect with Cornered Badger on social media:


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