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Cory Singer Tours Us Through Heartfelt Emotion in "Someone"

There’s a lot of things that you might be surprised to learn about TikTok sensation Cory Singer. For one, he’s a triple threat. In addition to being a social media influencer with nearly two million likes on the popular short-form video-sharing platform, Cory Singer is also an accomplished musical theater performer and an avid singer-songwriter.

The multi-talented 26-year-old artist has devoted most of his creative energy to developing his craft as an indie singer-songwriter. Although he credits the show tunes he listened to growing up with influencing his approach to songwriting, he derives inspiration from a diverse array of genres and artists, ranging from Queen to Neil Young. Believe it or not, it was actually Kandi Burruss who drove Cory Singer to start creating original music.

As we take in the latest striking power ballad, “Someone,” we feel a moment of release come over us as we get lost in the music and for mere moments and let all of our cares fly freely. That’s what it’s like taking in a Cory Singer creation, and even more so with both a sonic and visual offering for his fan base worldwide.

The warm instrumentation outlines the beloved tenors that are exposed to us through the peaks and valleys of this masterpiece. Fixating ourselves upon the music video portion of this full package, we admire the simplicity that is laced into the storyline and subplot being presented to us. Exposing various profiles of Cory Singer through zoomed-in and distant shots, we see the intimacy pour from a vulnerable sector of himself that he allows us to venture in on.

The overlapping scenes add dimension and more dramatic flair as the elegance of a simplistic background allow you to truly listen to the words matching the themes of love. Taking our attention to the main storyline where we see a tale of puppy love flourishing in the cityscape, we love the fact that we get to tag along to the events that this couple partakes in for the day. Also showing that there may in fact be a love triangle upon them with Cory Singer in the mix, he places his temptation on hold to listen to what his mind is telling him.

With a classical and timeless voice that towers over us in heartrending croons, we encourage listeners to get lost in this piece, as the essence evokes emotion and leaves much more to the imagination.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cory Singer. We loved being able to take in the music video for “Someone.” This piece speaks to us thoroughly. What is the inspiration behind the lyrics heard in this song? What is its meaning to you?

To me personally, I wanted to share my struggles with having autism and finding someone to love and accept me as I am. I feel this is a message that will speak to everyone struggling to find their special someone.

Could you please share a glimpse of your thought process behind the visual component? Did the vision come out the exact way you intended it to?

I loved the visual presentation and my team worked with me to bring the storyboard to life. Covid also played a part in how we made the video. My part in the video was filmed in NJ and the couple that represented what I want for my future was filmed in Nashville. I thought it was a clever way to film the video while keeping all who were involved safe. At the time we filmed the video vaccinations were not yet available.

Living with autism, have you found any struggles surrounding the stigma play into your career as an artist?

Yes. People who do not understand autism seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to my sharing my autism with them. They assume that I am not able to perform professional tasks, when in fact I am one of the most professional artists I know with a killer work ethic. That is why I took to TikTok to start normalizing autism for myself and the community.

With an EP on the way, what can you tell your audience about what you have in store for them? Does “Someone,” tie into this forthcoming release at all?

Yes, it does. My EP is all about love. We need this kind of positivity in our lives right now, we have all been through so much since the pandemic started.

What's your favorite release this year so far, from an independent artist you admire?

I am a fan of The Highway Women. I wrote one of their first songs "The Devil". It was an honor to have them record the song. It's been fun watching them grow and prosper over the past two years. Their new single "Dead Man Walking" is incredible. The lyrics, written by three writers including Drew Haley who is a member of the Group were so well executed. The production was fire. I really like seeing other artists grow and rise up. There is so much opportunity for all of us in this industry but they are a stand-up group who has been through a lot over the years and I am so proud of them. I can't wait to see where they continue to go in their career. @highwaywomen on all socials.


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