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Cory Stone's Latest: "Follow Me"

Cory Stone's latest, "Follow Me," is a delicious fantasy from the Letters From My Soul album, that lulls you through a cold evening and warms your interior with plenty of polish. It's his favorite creation off his sixth album, one that reminds you to keep it real and never stop reaching out to those you care about. When he sat down to pen these tracks, he knew it was time to "let everything out." The music is alive with crisp, understated, hi-hats. The sub bass is like a drone that is more classy than guttural. We've got some reverbed cymbals that act as contained shimmering.

It all serves to remind you about that shorty you need to stop taking for granted, reach out to and, ultimately, protect.Because the real world is heavy, and y'all be playin' some dangerous games. Emotions are no joke. "Follow Me" is utterly pop, in the post-90s RnB sense of the term. It's music the boys blowing smoke from their butterfly door Lamborgini along the canyons, as they roll through downtown during a blazed out night of longing, not partying. It's a milky nearly-half-moon, ever rising, matchy-matchy with the sleek condo appointments for sale along the route. This is a hit for people who take chances, fall down, have a late night coffee, then pick themselves up again -- enjoying the rhythm and flow of the beats along the way.

Listen to "Follow Me" here, and learn more about Cory Stone in our interview below!

How do you maintain consistency when writing songs?

I would say one of my main ways of keeping consistency through my work would be the elements that I surround myself by and within. As an artist, vibes are EVERYTHING so full immersion into the world that inspires me would be my one variable that never changes , and in turn comes out in  the music.

Was there a particular energy you were hoping to capture when in the studio this time?

With the "Letters From My Soul" album I really didn't go into it with the intention of capturing any kind of vibe in particular, aside from the usual. Throughout the process though it evolved into something much bigger, (hence the album name ). I can say that I am very proud of this album and it is the truest piece of art that i have to present as a reflection of myself, to date.

What do you picture when listening back to "Follow Me"?

When I listen back to "Follow Me" I always hear the same things and it has always taken me to the same place every time I hear it. Palm Trees and coastline baby!!

Your music reminds me a lot of the Weeknd, which I'd imagine is a comparison you wouldn't mind too much. But what other artists do you like to consider your music to be in the same vein as?

Thank you for that!! I will defiantly consider that a compliment, although I can't say The Weeknd has been one of my main influences. He is amazing I just recently caught on to his wave so I cant really attribute much of my sound to the hearings of his. But it IS crazy how music translates from person to person so differently, varying only in 3 different ways.

  1. The loudness they were played at .

  2. The location/ ambiance they were  listened to in

  3. The listeners emotional state at the time of listening.

It's always been fascinating to me as a music producer and artist.

What was the hardest part about putting this record together?

Honestly, I think the hardest part of putting this record together was the order and making it flow correctly. The battle every artist has in the mastering stages, of course, but then also making sure I had added nuances  and textures from the studio and places as well as the people that I find stir an energy in me and enhance the artist that i am becoming and have already become.

What's next for you in 2019?

2019 is the takeover year for Cory Stone and the AWDIMH crew.. Hold me  to it.


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