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Cosmic Spin Spirals Us in Full-Fledged Emotion With “Messenger”

The chart-topping Alternative Folk duo known as Cosmic Spin hails from the San Francisco Bay Area with soulful harmonies and layered guitars to create accessible psychedelic soundscapes.

Bara Waters and Robert Cassard create an appealing blend of groovy electric folk that bends genres with a mix of acoustic, rock, pop, alternative, and country elements.

Hitting the charts with an original composition titled "Messenger," Cosmic Spin incorporates a texturized groove to the musical components present in this record. Opting out of the robotic formula that can tend to be heard in today's genres, the refreshing escapade of "Messenger" can be heard, caressing the heart and soul of those who tap in.

Adding a nostalgic touch to the softer edges of this composition, we're brought into an abundance of warmth and inviting tenors as the lush acoustic guitar strums embrace us as individuals. We can't help but explore our imaginations as the prevailing timbres enter our ears in a compelling manner. The striking harmonies amalgamate the fine-tuned essence of each grippingly raw emotion showcased as the lyrical motifs 'you are the messenger' repeat for ultimate impact.

Being deemed a playful force by those who fully absorb the sonic bliss that is Cosmic Spin, both Bara Waters and Robert Cassard create a magical atmosphere as they fuse genres. "Messenger" tells a tale, spreads themes of acceptance, and ultimately funnels through an outpour of thoughts and emotions. So get ready to experience a buffet of sentiments that nourish an ear willing to listen.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cosmic Spin. Congratulations on the release of "Messenger." With such a beautifully descriptive song, what moment or story inspired the creation of this record? Robert Cassard: When our son Elijah was just a few months old, Bara and I were in the magical but generally exhausted state of new parents. In the middle of the night, he woke up crying. I was on duty, so I took him into our home studio. After a while, he was dozing next to me, and I remember wondering, what's the meaning of this new life? I love him, of course, but he's wrecking me, know what I mean? But then I picked up the guitar and the first line came through: "You are the messenger, carrying this flickering lamp with all the life that's left of me." And there was the answer to my question. Bara Waters: As a songwriting team, we can work on a song for days or even weeks — coming back and tweaking over time. But "Messenger" was a song that arrived whole. I remember Robert playing me the first guitar-vocal demo and us just crying and hugging. Maybe we were just relieved that there could be a higher purpose to the sleepless nights! Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process entailed when crafting this song? Robert Cassard: "Messenger" was written years before Bara and I started Cosmic Spin. The song had been demoed but never released. Until now, Cosmic Spin had released cover songs only. We take songs we love by other artists, then arrange and record them as if we had actually written them. A couple of months ago, Bara thought it was time to start putting out our own songs, and I was all-in. Bara Waters: We had a shortlist of originals, but "Messenger" just felt right for the times. It reflects what's happening in the world — I mean, how many people's lamps are flickering and in danger of blowing out?

Robert Cassard: Ironically, we treated the arranging and recording process like it was another cover song. But we were doing a "cover" of an old demo. We changed the key and the groove, and then added our duet vocals and harmonies, plus a bunch of layered acoustic and electric guitars. On my YouTube channel, I released three behind-the-scenes videos showing the recording process. Bara Waters: And we just released the official "Messenger" music video, too. What would you like your audience to take away from "Messenger?" Bara Waters: As the lyrics say, "YOU are the messenger." There's a lot of fear and manipulation going on these days. We all need to be messengers carrying love, light, and truth. With artists having such a broad mindset that allows them to be vulnerable, at what point do you know a song is ready to be released? Robert Cassard: Great question, but I think you hit on it with the idea of being vulnerable. For us, producing a song isn't about getting everything to sound perfect. It's about getting to the feeling we're hoping to share. In fact, if I start polishing too much, Bara always comes in and fights for the imperfections. That's our balance. Bara Waters: We're lucky, too, because our son and daughter are both musical, and they give us unvarnished opinions that always make their way into our final masters. I think how we ultimately know a song is ready when we listen back and it sounds fresh and we really feel it again. What's next for you? Bara Waters: More originals. We have a backlog of songs that need cosmic treatment. Robert Cassard: Definitely. And hopefully, more live gigs as things open up. Sharing new songs with an audience is how we hone our arrangements and get inspired to record and release songs we're passionate about. Thanks for helping new people find us, BuzzMusic!


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