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Count Down the “Hours” With James Bene on Latest Electro-Pop Single

American singer, songwriter, and spiritualist James Bene has been writing and playing music since he was a child. Despite having a limited number of releases so far, this Electro-Pop artist has already managed to carve a name for himself in the industry.

James Bene stands out among the rest with his intimate and honest lyrics powerful melodies, showcasing an evident passion, and drive for his craft. In addition, Bene dives deep within his music, demonstrating a solid knack to transform his triumphs and anxieties into songs for the masses. We are incredibly impressed with James Bene's releases thus far and can't wait to see what he will accomplish in this upcoming year.

Now, let's dive into James Bene's latest single, "Hours." This high-energy electro-pop anthem immediately engulfs the listener in Bene's powerful, emotive vocals. Bene's prowess continues to dominate through the entirety of the track as he makes the listener feel the anguish and pain he expresses for the protagonist of the song- pulling the listener in with his solid melodies and intimate lyrics.

Bene's passionate vocal performance and meaningful lyrics are perfectly supported by the production within "Hours." Emotive keys and driving drum lines carry the listener throughout the dynamic track, following Bene's emotional journey.

"Hours" is not just your average pop song. Bene brings forth a unique depth throughout his vocal delivery and the production that accompanies him. We can't wait to hear more from this rising artist.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, James Bene, and congratulations on your new single "Hours." We really felt the raw emotion you expressed throughout your performance in “Hours." Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind the track?

I was sitting at my piano years ago after one of my best friends told me that she was getting married. I remember I had a flurry of emotions happen. I couldn’t help but feel like it was the end of something special. The idea of time passing me by while friends moved on hit me like a truck. I started to reminisce on our youth together and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness even though consciously I was happy for her. The song grew out of that moment. I wanted to express the emotional aspect but also the excitement of her news therefore the melody and instrumental qualities are vibrant and danceable and the melody is written in a major chord. This obviously very emotional and personal subject matter to be writing about. Was it vulnerable at all to share this with the world? What do you hope listeners will take away from the track when they hear it?

It was a personal moment for sure, but I am sensitive to nostalgia and as an artist, I capitalized on the emotions of the moment lol…the first sentence in the song reflects the drama I was feeling. Yes, I can be dramatic lol. I am an open book at times. I am more than happy to be vulnerable if it will help someone learn, heal and grow. I hope listeners appreciate a male artist expressing these feelings and can be inspired to do the same. I think it is important for artists to break the mold of male/female standards. My style has been called dramatic or feminine in nature. Is this because I am a guy expressing the emotions all men have but often repress? Not sure, but I enjoy telling my truth in any and every way I can artistically. The dynamic production pairs perfectly with your powerful yet intimate vocal delivery in the single. Did you have a vision for the production elements when initially writing the song, and how did you go about translating that during the recording process?

Because the sentiment of the song is about loss and feeling lost the track itself needed to feel up-lifting and forward moving. The song ends with a question, “Do you even love me anymore now that you're gone?” and leaves little room for hope. Hope had to be found in the instrumentation leaving the listener feeling good in a roundabout way. A great tool for songwriters in general when dealing with the heavier subject matter. A great example of this is Sia’s Chandelier.

Can you tell us about where your passion for writing and performing all began? What's next for you as an artist?

My passion for music started as a child. I remember receiving my first piano as an x mass gift from my parents and spending hours on it. I started taking piano lessons from a local teacher who was a good friend of mines mother, Beth Kilmer. I cherished learning how to play some of my favorite musical pieces which loved listening to under her tutelage. Being able to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise was a dream for me as a young kid and the realization that I easily could at that age made every dream feel possible. I went on to study music in college and there it began. As an adult venturing back into my musical self I am trying very hard to stay in the moment with my art. What is next is now and what is now will create my next. Let’s say I never gave up on my dreams and I am determined to make them a reality!


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