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Country Singer-Songwriter Travis Yee Releases, "She's Changing"

Country singer-songwriter Travis Yee has quickly amassed an impressive social media following and has fans from all over the world that enjoy his music. The Las Vegas artist introduced his unique sound to the world with cover songs and was immediately welcomed with positive feedback from diverse listeners.

Now, after sharing his unique style and tone through cover songs, Travis has embarked on the next step in his musical journey – original music, which is sure to captivate audiences across the globe further.

In the warmth emitted from the melancholic soundscape of Travis Yee's latest single, "She's Changing," we find that the phrase less is more truly brings this piece to life. With a minimalistic approach to the instrumentation as we hear the acoustic guitar strums fill our speakers, this welcoming touch allows the other elements in the musical foundation to cast out a seamlessly blended sonic cocktail.

With delicate yet enticing hi-hats that sprinkle the tempo into this piece, you're left feeling whole throughout the progression of "She's Changing." Travis Yee's passionate timbres whisk you away with heartfelt songwriting that leaves you in a pool of his sincerity and vulnerability. As we admire the therapeutic framework that bolsters this record's heartrending quintessence, we feel as if Travis Yee has personally confided in us as he reiterates a bittersweet narrative.

"She's Changing" leaves us all feeling emotionally connected to the tantalizing core that Travis Yee cements. Touring us through the sentimental hues that we've adopted after listening to this track, there is no doubt about it: Travis Yee is here to tug on heartstrings in the best way possible.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Travis Yee. Congratulations on the release of your single, "She's Changing." With a track that opens up so profoundly, did you find it easy to tap into this headspace when creating?

Thank you so much for even taking a listen. That means a lot! I've always had the idea that I wanted to write a song about relationships ending abruptly. I feel so many people commit 100% into relationships, some ending with no closure. I feel like we've all been there at some point or will experience it at some point. This song doesn't just represent a change or departure of a broken couple, but also the friendships that end over time. When writing this song, I actually initially thought about my high school days. I hung out with people daily that I have little to no communication with now. It's interesting how people move on sometimes without saying goodbye. Part of me was thinking of Part 2 that actually goes into details about events that occurred, but revisiting them in present-day alone, looking back...hmmm.

Out of the beautiful lyrics that you intricately piece together, what motif resonates with you the most? Why?

The opening line to me is what makes the whole song. I wanted to introduce the song without giving it away. The opening line is super vague, but once you understand the song, it makes it clear what "she's changing" and "I don't want to give up" mean. The last line, "this is the end of us" was also the only lyrical tweak that occurred during production. It originally was going to just be the same first lines in the opening. I decided the song needed to end in a worse state emotionally because that's where the relationship was going. This song wasn't meant to have a happy ending.

Could you please shine a light on the creative process that brought this single to life?

This was the third song I ever wrote back in 2017. I will say that I was surprised after writing it in about 30 minutes. However, because I wrote it so quickly, I didn't believe (at the time) the song was good enough. How could I have written a song in 30 minutes? There must be a lot of adjusting. I shelved the song for a good 2 years before considering even bringing it back to life. That's when I became more comfortable with my own music and sound. I took a listen and knew this was a song that I really enjoyed writing and whether people liked it or not, it was one of the favorites I've written. The song was written with a guitar, so thinking outside of the box for production was new for me. One of my great friends, Dylan Kline, produced the song. We started working on production in the middle of 2020...when the majority of people were at home, bored. I brought this song to my producer and said I wanted this to be a song I release. The process took 2 years because my self-doubt still question the song. However, when the Summer of 2021 came, I made it a goal to complete this song and remove that little voice inside my head. We spent a good 3 to 4 months just figuring out the sound. Towards the end, the little voice came back, not pleased with the production. Let's add this. Let's remove this...but we just had to be content with what we had and not make any more adjustments. There's a point when it can become overkill. I have so many versions of the song. It's crazy listening to those early versions now after listening to the final product. I'm very happy with the final product.

How does "She's Changing" compare to other songs previously released in your music catalog?

I feel this song is the most relatable compared to my other releases. I've had a fun song and a serious song. This one, to me, fits right in the middle. It's a sad song, but I tried to make sure the melody had good energy. It could've been a ballad, but I liked the idea of it not being a typical slow sad song.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I'm still trying to figure that out. I do have a lot of ideas and songs written, but it's hard to choose...and it might be a song that syncs with what is happening in my life at that time. However, it's also fun testing out different music to see how listeners respond. I "may" do a fun song next because that suits my personality the best.



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