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Courtney Cole Is Headed In The “Right Direction” With Her New Single

A finely tuned artist with a pop sensibility and a playfully sassy attitude, Courtney Cole was born in Mandeville, Louisiana in 1987. Growing up only 20 minutes from New Orleans, Cole soaked up a rich variety of music. After completing college, she enrolled at Belmont University, where she majored in commercial voice. By this time, Courtney was also writing songs, but given the large number of gifted tunesmiths at Belmont, she wasn't yet inclined to share her work with others. Cole landed an internship with Black River Entertainment, a record company and publishing house, and while she rose through the company's ranks while learning the nuts and bolts of the music business, she never lost her desire to perform. Fast forward to present day, Courtney Cole has an impressive repertoire of singles and EP under her belt. Her passion for music has never wavered and her dedication to crafting spectacular music is endless. 

Courtney’s latest release titled “Right Direction” sets the mood and blows the roof off, all at once. Showcasing piano work second to none and a clear love for connection to the genre, “Right Direction” makes for a stunning and bright ballad that lights up the room. Courtney’s vocals keep the sound crisp and clean but lead with a vulnerable realness. All of these elements paint a clear picture of Courtney as an artist and a songwriter. There’s a definite sense of personality that’s easy to recognise in the vocal tone and in the sheer, uninhibited outpouring of thoughts. Her style feels like music as therapy, for herself, and subsequently it may work for those who are going through similar personal difficulties or seeking to overcome a difficult situation. “Right Direction” is undoubtedly a project that speaks to today’s generation of music fans and lost artists. It’s an anthem for those searching for understanding or a place to feel calm and welcome. A spectacular single, I look forward to hearing more from Courtney Cole!

Listen to “Right Direction” here and keep scrolling for more with this talented artist! 

Hi Courtney, welcome to BuzzMusic! We are in love with your new song “Right Direction”. How long has this project been in the making?

Thank you! I started writing Right Direction shortly after I moved to California, which has been about a year a a half ago! My producer, Cameron Stymeist and I have been working over the last several months to get it just right! 

We can tell that you’ve put a lot of emotion into “Right Direction” What does it mean to you to finally share this song with the world?

Yes, Right Direction came to me at a time where I was completely humbled after facing a lot of challenges.. I knew I was headed in the right direction, but it felt like I couldn’t find the next step. The uncertainty was intimidating, and I that’s where the emotion stems from. To share this little piece of my soul with the world feeling incredibly healing. 

If you had to choose just one song to represent your sound right now, for those with limited time, which would you suggest and why?

I would choose Right Direction, actually. It’s emotional, honest, healing, and cinematic. Those are all elements I would use to describe my sound right now. 

How do you get started when writing a new song, and how do you know when it’s truly finished and ready to be shared?

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics.. in more of a poetic form. Once I have a solid lyric, I turn my voice recorder on, and usually try to capture the first melody that I come up with because that’s usually the one that’s most special... it’s the one that’s not over thought or over tweaked. I know that it’s finished when it captures the emotional response that I intend for it to create. That’s the most important part, in my opinion. 

What do you hope people take away from “Right Direction”?

I want everyone to know that it’s ok to not have the answers. I think a lot of people perceive vulnerability as weakness, and in my opinion, it is the epitome of strength. It’s been the times when I’m most vulnerable that I trust myself the most...when I’m honest with myself and where I’m at in my life. When you become self aware, you start to hear your inner guidance, and allow it to lead you, and it makes the uncertainty a lot less scary. Being able to look at yourself on a deep level is hard.. it’s insanely brave. 


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