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Covu's Giving Off Vibes With "Get to Know Ya"

Beginning his career as a songwriter and guitar player for a rock band, Covu switched

directions and started his career as a solo EDM producer. Covu uses his experience with

acoustic instruments and implements it in his production which gives a nice blend of electronic

and acoustic music.

On Spotify, Covu’s newest track titled, “Get to Know Ya” features Jess Jani for vocals. A

somewhat pop vibe begins with the vocals, as a smooth touch on both lyrics and melody are accompanied by instrumental breaks sucks us in waiting for the buildup. When the beat drops we are completely satisfied but also can’t help to feel that the EDM sound is something familiar but at the same time is completely diverse. The acoustic sound is involved with what seems to be natural drums for a few parts before it starts evolving back into the beats. A classic piano also gives its aid but goes in and out of saturated synthesizers. Covu’s production quality and skills seems to follow the hype of pop music EDM while steering it into a new direction of more natural sounds that feel more organic. Covu will definitely make big strides in the music industry with his new spin on EDM

music and will make a new spin on your Spotify playlist.

Be sure to check out Covu's "Get to Know Ya" on Spotify, and check out the artist's personalized interview below!

Hello! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I'm Covu! Thank you for showing your support, I hope you're enjoying my new single "Get to Know Ya". This is my first song release in 3 years and my first song under the name "Covu". From 2013 to 2017 I was writing songs in a rock band, playing distorted guitars and loud drums. After a few years of hiatus, I started to discover who I was as a solo artist and began trying new ways to make music, such as DAW production of electronic music.  

What got you started in rock music and guitar?

When I started High School I didn't have any strong musical influences, other than an acquired taste for Johnny Cash thanks to my father. That soon changed when I was introduced to the ranging self expression of teenage angst that is Nirvana. I fell in love with how Kurt Cobain was unapologetically himself, which was hugely reflected in his music. That became all I really listened to, I learned every Nirvana song on guitar and played them every single day. It's crazy how the style of music I was playing back then is almost polar to what I'm producing now, but having those rock roots will definitely influence me for the rest of my life.

What prompted you to change your genre of music?

I don't believe my change in music style is something I had much control over. Similar to when I was in High School, I was exposed to music I had never heard and found myself connecting to it on a different level than what I was feeling with rock music. EDM is something I always thought I didn't like because I only had one idea of what it sounded like, that changed when I discovered that EDM is an umbrella genre and that there are many different types of EDM sub-genres that I do like. The next natural thing for me to do was start creating this new type of music that I discovered. It was a very foreign process to me because I was used to physical instrumentation rather than using digital forms of creating a song, but luckily the song structuring process is very similar so I was able to apply a lot of my experience to help me get started. 

What are your future plans with your music? I.e. do you plan to release an EP/any upcoming shows?

Of course!! 1000% plan on playing shows, because to be honest, that's the whole reason I'm doing all of this. When I played shows in my rock band, I experienced being on stage and playing songs that I had written, which is such a vulnerable feeling but also one of extreme satisfaction and pleasure, its a feeling you can't get anywhere else. And yes, I am also currently working on my first Covu album!

How did you produce/write your track, “Get to Know Ya”? Was the challenging or did it come natural to you?

The total length of time it took to complete "Get to Know Ya" from start to finish was 9 months. This was one of the first electronic songs I started producing, so I was essentially learning the ropes of electronic production as I was making this song, which is why the process took so many months. A month or two into the songs development my cousin introduced me to his girlfriend Jess Jani as we all went to an Odesza concert together. He later told me that she could sing, this immediately rang a bell in my head because I was working on a song and had been wanting some vocals on it. I messaged Jess a few days later with the proposal and she was happy to do it. I spent the next few months developing and progressing the songs instrumentals, sending Jess new demo updates every other week. I eventually finished the instrumentals so we then shifted our focus to the vocals / lyrics which is where Jess really stepped up and did an amazing job. She sent over a vocal demo which blew me away, and we didn't really have to revise much of it. All that was left was to go in the studio, so we went to one in North Hollywood and spent over 6 hours there getting the vocal tracks recorded and edited. This process was a really amazing one for me, I wasn't sure if I would be able to produce this new type of music that is so different from what I had been making my whole life, but I am really happy with how it turned out, especially because this is only the beginning!   

How will you keep innovating in your genre to keep things new and fresh?

I feel lucky to have had experience in making other genres of music because I can apply principles from those different genres to make something that is completely unique to me and is a reflection of who I am. My #1 priority is to keep discovering and experiencing new influences that will continue to grow and transform my sound to always be a reflection of who I am. Because of this I find it hard to put my music under one category or label because its constantly changing. 

Thank you so much to Buzz Music and all of you guys for supporting artists like me because it really does mean everything! I can't wait to get on stage again and I hope you will all be there! Until then, keep jamming out to "Get to Know Ya"!



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